Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let me check your PULSE

Today's post features a Damned Nurse.

Starting off this post, let's talk about the PULSE game.
The PULSE game is an interactive survival game within Second Life.
Playing on your natural fears of eerie noises and unpredictable outcomes, this game is not for the faint of heart.
This year's version is no different!
I'm not going to spoil the outcome, or what it's even about, but ask yourself this:

Make sure to wear your free HUD from the package you get once you land there and make sure your volume is up enough so you can hear it!
These aren't nearly as fun without sound.

The damned nurse is a product of some gifts from the PULSE game and some items dropped on me by a few of my designers.

The outfit is the main attraction to this character. 
The bloody mess she has caused, the way it splatters all over her and her clothing.
This is the gift from Sakide, and is hidden through out the PULSE game in different pieces. 
Find them all, and you too can be a bloody mess.
This gift comes with Meshy dress in several sizes, blindfold, nurse cap, base layer stockings and undies, shoes, metal pipe, and alpha layers.

Another gift from the PULSE game is the Cheshire like grin the Damned Nurse is wearing. 
This grin is from Gauze and can be found hidden in the game.
This gift includes male and female versions of the grin, makeup layers, and alpha layers for both.
Gauze also has these eyes as a gift.

These are the Artemis eyes in Demon and they include Meshy eyes in demon, human, and hybrid.
The necklace is one of Goth1c0's gifts from PULSE.
Urbanus Blood Vial is a Meshy necklace, with a re-size script

My shoes are a new release from DarkWare.
These are the Red Fishnet Poison Heels.
There are 10 colors and several styles to choose from .
Each color is 100$L.

This is he Blood-Soaked version of Amber by Tameless.
Amber is a long Meshy hair style with a color change HUD for Platinum, Blonde, Silver, and White.
She is 199$L.

And last but not least, my batty friends are a new product from Souled Out.
These bats are a wearable, and they flutter and fly around you.
The Personal Bat Swarm is available during the Madhatter Midweek Sale on the KaTnipZ Wonderland Sim.

Location: Lab room inside the PULSE game (need to start the game before you can get here)
Pose: Eternal Dreams - Vain 03 (Not free, Pure sales room)

Other items worn:
Skin: al vulo- Julia *  dating on the dark (past group gift, free to join, N/A)
Demon Hands: *Epic* Mesh Damned Demon Hands (Past Dollarbie, N/A)

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