Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today's post features some yummy items from the Candy Fair!

Candy Fair is in full swing and there are a TON of designers offering up sickeningly sweet and delicious items for you to sink your sweet tooth in.
There is also gifts galore there as well from many of the designers!

Here are just a smidgen of the items you can grab up, some free, some not.

Skin- cStar Limited - Dulce - Blush (not Free)
Socks- *MC* OTK Socks -Mustache/Pink(not Free)
Clutch- [Crash Republic] Taste the Rainbow Gamer Clutch (free gift)
Bra & Panties -  PeachBlossom cookies lingerie set (free gift, comes with appliers for Tangos and Phat Azz)
Facial Piercings- Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing Candy Metals (not Free)
Cherry tattoos: [trs] Candy Stickers . Cherries .

Candy Fair LM'S & SLURL'S
Sim 1
Sim 2
Sim 3

I have to talk extra about this hair.
Maxi Gossamer, the owner and creator of Gossamer Jewelry, opened up a second shop dealing in hair.
The store is called POLLEN, and these hairs, the ones that are out as of now, are amazing!
The one i am wearing is called Riva.
Riva is a mid-back length hair with streaks, and beaded work.
The hair comes in a pack with 30 natural colors with 5 seperate color HUDs.
Also included is a beaded and non- beaded version of the hair, a black heart necklace, and a head alpha.
This pack is available for 399$L.
*Get the demo here!*
Location: Secret pool at a secret place <.<   >.>  >.<
Standing pose: Mien - Charming 005
Lounging pose: Built in to chair

Other items used:
Hair & Necklace: POLLEN HAIR - Riva - With Beads (Not Free)
Nail Applier: Blah. (ABPO3 Exclusive Hunt Nail Set, N/A)
Eyes: .ID. June Gift - Galaxy (past freebie for all, N/A, new gift every month)
Stomach Tattoo: Tenjin - Only For Good Boys Tattoo - Fresh (25$L gahca play at Oh My Gacha event)
Hand Tattoo: *~*HopScotch*~* Oh my Mustache! - Tattoo Hands (10$L on Marketplace *promo*)

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