Thursday, October 31, 2013

Modern day Phoenix

Today's post features Phoenix from the X-Men, and her new modern look!
As a blogger who blogs hunts, I love to receive the little packages in my chat boxes, or how ever we have been assigned to get them.
There are so many wonderful hunts, and the creators are amazing, and generally incredibly sweet and thoughtful.
Today, I'm here to show you a couple of hunt gifts for a few hunts coming up.
First, we have 2 gifts from Cubic Cherry Kreations.
The Heart of Fire skin is the 5$L hunt gift for this hunt.
It includes the skin, appliers for Tangos, and phat azz,
Also included is a set of flaming eyes, which are tint-able!
This gift is from the up and coming "Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super Boobs" hunt put on by Katnipz Events.
The name is self explanatory: Super heroines, Super Villains, all boobie friendly.
and the thing that makes this hunt so unique?
Designers did not get to choose the character they got.
No, they got assigned a character and told to go from there!
So, you won't be getting *just* cat woman and  wonder woman themed items all around!
This hunt doesn't officially start until the 15th of November, but I figured, this skin is so hot, it must be shown now!

The second item is the clutch purse.
The Cubic Cherry Purse is the free hunt gift for the Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 put on by the Depraved Nation.
The hunt starts on November 1st!
This is a Meshy piece of goodness and it comes in 2 different versions, open and closed. 

The next hunt gift is from the up and coming Dirty Pillows Hunt 2 put on my Que Bella!
This is another Boobie friendly hunt, and lots of awesome designers have also signed up for it!
The first one was a HUGE success.
This hunt starts November 1st!
Called Roar, this is a sexy 3-pack lingerie set!
The lingerie comes in a fat pack of 3 colors:  purple, pink, and green.
Each color comes in base layer clothing, with appliers for boobs, and Phat Azz
Shown here in Purple.
For the new release, I have some items from Dystorted.
You may remember my first post with the Cozy set here, well I have come back with the separates you can buy.
The jeans are the Star Jeans in the color Stressed.
Each pair comes in several Meshy sizes, with an alpha layer.
These are available in 6 colors for $199$L each.
Fat-pack for 750$L
The Skulls Knit Jacket is the Black color,and comes in several meshy sizes and an alpha layer.
This is available in 7 colors at 150$L each.
Fat-pack for 650$L
And more separate to come!
Necklace is a new release from What I Dreamed.
The Lilith neck piece comes with a built in re-sizer.
This sells for 125$L

Pose: .mien. {hi} 01 (free, Subo Gift)

Other items worn:
Hair: [Castellian] Jasmine Hair - Burned (Not Free)
Shoes: 7E Purity *fat-pack* (Not Free)
Belly piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull - Belly Piercings (Not Free)
Ear wings: Remarkable Oblivion - Elysium -  Red (N/A, other colors available!)

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