Sunday, October 27, 2013

Never to old to trick-or- treat

Today's post features trick - or- treating goodness!

So, this weekend has been the town I live in's trick - or - treat night for the little kiddies.
So many little kids running around in ridiculously *cute* outfits, asking for candy and getting high off sugar. 
This has been a great weekend! XD

So, I put on some of the great items from the Not the Usual Pumpkin Hunt, grabbed a *cute* treat bag full of candy, and went on my way to grab up more candy!

Let us talk about the items from the hunt first.
Skirt and necklace are both from Gala Fashion.
The skirt is a Meshy piece of goodness in several sizes and an alpha layer.
This is the 1$L prize.
The necklace is a the free prize, and has a re-size script build in.

The Autumn scarf is from Lamp*Light and is the free prize.
It's a Meshy piece of goodness, and features different things you can attach and wear on it.
The nails are the 1$L prize, and are a Slink applier for finger nails and toe nails.
 They also include normal fingernails for non-slink users.
The shirt is the 1$L gift from FunArt.
This Meshy piece of goodness comes with sveral sizes and an alpha layer, as well as Meshy men's shirt in several sizes and an alpha layer, featuring a zombie from "Plants Vs. Zombies".

Hair is a new release from Tameless.
Valentina is a sexy long style with a shoulder part.
Valentina is available in 3 color packs: Naturals with all 16 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 16 fantasy colors.  
Each color pack is 249$L.
  The Mega Pack with all colors are 499$L.
Also features hair bases in matching colors.
Shown here in Naturals, Midnight.
Skin is from LiliSkins.
Dia de los Muertos is available in 6 colors;
Anil, Magenta, Marron, Rojo, Rosa, Verde.
Nodding in the direction of the South American color scheme, these skins are a beautiful touch to any Halloween costume, or Role-Play.
Each color comes with 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options, 3 brow options, modifiable shape, full rose headdress, and a single rose.
Appliers for Lush and tangos breasts, as well as Slink hands & feet sold separately.
 Dia de los Muertos is sold for 950$L

Location: Havenhollow
Pose 1: *~*HopScotch*~* Reach out (not free)
Nail pose: [croire] show off yer bling pose 2 (N/A)

Other items worn:
Eyes: Clemmm - The Whites (darker) (13$L sale item, comes in pack)
Shoes: HollyHood- Mesh black Gothic glam diamond studded boots (Not free, SOHO Market)
Candy Bucket: {PiPo} Little Mousie Candy Bucket (free in kids hunt)

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