Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nightmare Fuel

Today's post features Nightmare Fuel XD
Starting off this Nightmare fueled post, is the outfit and hair from Tameless.
The Hidden outfit is a sexy midriff baring top and pants outfit.
It reminds me of an assassin outfit with the built-in mask.
It comes complete with a Meshy top in several sizes, base layer pants, shoes, alpha layers, prim leg attachments, leg holster, and an applier for Phat Azz.
Hidden costs 149$L.
Next from Tameless is the hair.
This is the blood soaked version of Jessilyn.
Jessilyn comes with a HUD for re-size and color change. 
You get white, platinum, silver, and blonde in blood soaked version.
Jessilyn costs 199$L.

Remarkable Oblivion is the next designer up.
For SL Fashion week, they have put out their amazing creation Scissor Hands.
Included you get a male and female version of the hands, plus wrists.
These are sold for 199$L.
Moving on we have the skin from DBF.
This is the *RARE* color of Melda.
Melda is available at the Pre-Release Gacha Garden event.
She is available in 8 common colors and 1 rare color.
included is the skin, eyebrow shaper, and a system eyelash cover.
Each play is 99$L.

And now, the free things int his post \o/
First off, these items are from the small, but awesome hunt Not the Usual Pumpkin Hunt.
Going on right now on the SL Royal Poker Fashion Centre sim, there are 9 stores participating.
Each store is offering up at least 2 gifts for his hunt, one for free, and one for 1$L.
That's 18 gifts up for grabs, and let me tell you, they are awesome!
This hunt begins on the 23rd of October.

 Cubic Cherry Kreations put out this amazingly cute skull collar and hair-bow for their free gift in the hunt!.
Fredrick is a cute purple and white collar and hair bow set with a skull on it.
Today I am showing the gifts from What I dreamed.
The Nightmare Keyholder is a cute little key holder with a bottle of nightmares, a hatchet, and a skeleton key.
Their 1$l item is a male arm band and a female leg garter.
I'm showing the male version here, re-sized.
This is He needs her head.

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* Hell hath no fury - 2 (Not Free, marketplace)

Other Items Worn:
Eyes: PC Jaded Eyes - Autumn Song - large bright (free gift in store, comes with many options)
Tattoo: Cain - See you in Hell (free on Marketplace)
Piercing: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing Stomach (past hunt gift, N/A)
Belly button piercing: DBL - Blinded  Belly Piercing (10$L on Marketplace)
Eyeshadow: Sugel Co. - Eyeshadows - Darkenss Matte (35$L)

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