Thursday, October 24, 2013

Phamous (famous) V.I.P

Today's post features V.I.P. treatment!
Sakide is one of my favorite places in SL.
The designs, gorgeous.
The technique, flawless.
I have spent a very huge chuck of my SL dollars there on the fabulous designs of miss Kinu Mayako.

I have been wanting to join the In-World group for quite sometime now, and just either didn't have the 250$L to join, or didn't have the room for another group in my slots.
I regret not joining sooner!

Today I bring you some of the *Amazing* gifts you can claim after joining the in-world group.
18 gifts to be exact.
From corsets, to dresses, full outfits, to shoes.
Sakide has you covered, literally.
Other perks are;
Earn 10% (20% for Fat Packs) as Store Credit Reward on all items at the main store (except Gachas)
Get access to the VIP Lounge with the Gifts
Know about events before others
And if  this, and 18 free gifts isn't enough, how about they throw in a small 650$L store credit if you join in before October 31st?
That's what I thought, you want the link now.

Talk about your V.I.P. Phamous treatment (watch the video below, you'll get the pun)

Location: Sakide VIP lounge (MUST wear tag while here, or be ejected)
Pose: Hopscotch - Envy Me 6 (Not free, part of pack)
Fashionable Black Dress (Meshy with tango appliers)
Racy Boots Black/White (Meshy with HUD)

Noire Elegance Dress (Meshy with tango appliers)
Racy Boots Black/White (Meshy with HUD)
Silver Glow Dress (Meshy with tango appliers)
Racy Boots White/Black (Meshy with HUD)

 White Grace Dress (Meshy with tango appliers)
Hebi Pumps White (Meshy with HUD)
French Touch Outfit (Everything included, Tango applier)
In the Army Outfit (Includes everything, Meshy)
Ryu Corset Flame (Meshy)
Hakari skirt (Not Free)

All these plus *much, much* more!!

Other items worn:
Body -
Skin w/applier: DeeTalez -Skin Elly red lips blonde smokeyes MILK (Not Free)
Hair: Tameless Molly - All Colors (Not Free)
Eyes: .tsg. Neko Luvers - Sapphire (Group Gift, Fee to join)
Jewelry - 
Necklace: Amala - The Coven Necklace (Not Free, Horrorfest)
Collar: JD - Tri Bands - Neck att. - Black
Earrings: MG - Earring - Zaadori - Jet and Gold - R
1.: [mock] Rumour Has It Makeover [lip 2] (past group gifts, Fee to join)
2.: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat (75$L gahca play)
3.:Pink Acid Shimmer Lip Shine - Red (Past hunt gift, N/A)

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