Monday, October 14, 2013

Tally's Bubble Gum Treats

This post is all about new releases, and sugary sweet pink things!

Dreamz has released a new outfit called Tally.
Tally is a one piece body suit with a halter top.
This outfit is available in a pantheon of colors, 17 to be exact.
Each color outfit comes with base layer clothing, an applier for tangos, and an applier for Phat Azz on pants/underwear.
Each color is $L.
Shown here in Bright Pink.
Look at the bottom of the post for ALL Tally colors available!!

Next new release is from Tameless.
Hadley is a cute pulled back ponytail hair style.
She is available in 2 color packs: Naturals with all 16 natural colors, and Fantasy with 16 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249. 
 The Mega Pack with all colors is $499L..
Shown here in Naturals-Black.

Location: ++ Night Seed ++
1st pose: :AW: Bikini 2 (free on Marketplace)
Side pose: Exposeur - Female of the Species 3 (past hunt gift, N/A)
Collage pose: dfo! [starlust] i don't do laundry, i buy new underwear (part of Good Morning Charlie pose set, 10$L)

Other items worn:
Skin with appliers: A // Soma ~ Tone 2 // Twilight Haze [No Cleavage] (Not Free)
Eyes: blah.BLAH.blah Autumn Sunset Eyes (Mad Hatter sale special)
Shoes: Ho Wear #2::DUCE::2# Skull Candy Boot right size (not free)
Llama: .Birdy. Cotton Candy Llama {Bubble gum}(Not Free, Candy Fair exclusive)
Headphones: To Be Unique - DJ Headphones v.2 UP (Female) (39$L a pack)
Facial Piercings: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing Candy Metals (Not free, candy fair exclusive)
Earrings: Cute Poison - Melting Earring PINK (Not free)
Bracelets: Cute Poison - Celestial Bracelet - Pink (not free)
Choker:*NEW* JD - Tri Bands - Neck att. - Black (Not Free, TDR Exclusive)
1.: *NEW* Sugel Co. - Glossy Lipstick - Red Coral (35L$ a color, or 99$L for 3 pack)
2.: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat (75$L gacha prize)
3.: [mock] A touch of Magic Eyeshadow [vivacious vian] (Past group gift)
4.: {Sugar Heart} Messy Mouth ~ GG / {Sugar Heart} Mesh White Sprinkles ~ (Group Gift, free to join)

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