Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Call....Classic

Women rejoiced everywhere when the news hit the bulletins of Second Life.
Now, not only could they get amazingly detailed outfits for themselves, and not only could they drag their male counterparts around with them but...

Dystorted now makes mens clothing!

Yes, you heard me correctly, the lovely lady TwistedStarr has stepped into the realm of making bad ass men's clothing.
And when I say bad ass, I mean, BAD ASS!

First, lets do a shot of this sexy man here:

The outfit is comprised of 2 pieces from Dystorted, and a few pieces from other places.
First, this amazing blazer.
The Classic Blazer, is just that, a classic piece to be owned in every male inventory.
This Meshy piece of goodness is available in 8 colors.
Each color includes a Meshy blazer in several Meshy male sizes, an alpha layer and a  color change HUD for your tie and your shirt.
Each option has 8 colors to choose from, that means you can have a diff tie for everyday and then 2 for a special night!
Each Blazer is 399$L.
There is also a fatpack available for 899$L and you get everything int eh singles pack, PLUS a color change HUD for the blazer it's self.
Shown here in Red.

Next, the slacks.
These sexy black slacks are another Dystorted goodness piece.
Simply named Slacks, these are another inventory must have.
These are available in 7 colors,.
Each color includes a Mehy pair of slacks in several male sizes, an alpha layer, and option to wear them with a belt.
Each pair is 199$L.
There is a fatpack available for 699$L and you get all the colors!
Shown here in Black.

Location: Creamy's Spot D/s & BDSM Club

Necklace: *R+a* Cube Necklace rainbowstorn (cheapie on Marketplace)
Claws: Aka: claws Dragon Black MALE (not free)

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