Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unforgiven nightmares of Salem

She warned them it wouldn't do them any good to hang her...she can't be killed, her kind can't be killed by a broken neck.

Today is filled with awesome sale event items, new items, and vampires.

Lets talk about the items I am wearing from Darkware.
Nodding into the dark Gothic side of SL, Darkware has some epic items out right now for your grabby hands to love on.
First off, the face mask.
The Nightmare Mask is a Meshy mask available in 4 colors: Camo Grey, Camo Pink, Plaid Red, and Goth Black.
Each color comes with 5 Meshy sizes and an alpha layer.
Each color costs 100$L and there is a Demo available.
Shown here in Goth Black.
Next the corset top.
The Unforgiven corset is a sexy dark corset.
Available in 5 colors: Blood Red, Goth Black, Gun Metal Grey, Punked, and Psycho Pink.
Each color comes with a Meshy corset in 5 Meshy sizes, an alpha layer, a base layer shirt, and an applier for Tangos.
Each corset top costs 100$L.
Shown here in Blood Red.
And last but definitely not least, the boots.
The Zombie Boots are available in available in 3 colors: Black/white, Green/black, and pink/black.
Each color set comes with 3 ways of wear: all black, all (2nd color) or two tone.
These Mehsy pieces of awesomeness come with several sizes to wear, and with an alpha layer.
Each color costs 150$L
Shown here in Goth Back/Static White.

Moving on to the hat.
Sakide put out these awesome top hats for one of their exclusives for the Body modification Expo.
The Macabre Topper is available in 3 styles:Grabby, FU, and Romantic.
Each top hat comes with a color change HUD for the roses on top, with 8 colors to choose from and an option to hide the roses.
Hats are modifiable and also come with a re-size script.
Each hat is 60$L.
Shown here in FU.

My lovely neck piece is a new release from Remarkable Oblivion for the We Love Role-Play event.
Salem is a Meshy piece of awesomeness that comes in 2 color options: Silk and Wheat.
This is re-sizable as well.
Salem can be yours for 149$L for both colors.
Shown here in Silk.


And the last thing, but certainly not the least, is the skin.
This skin is from YumYums for one of their exclusives for the Body modification Expo.
Not only does this *limited* Vampyre skin pack come with a TON of skin options (cleavage options, brow options, facial options), it also comes with an applier FATPACK.
what does this mean? 
It means it comes with EVERY applier possible.
Breasts, phat azz, loud mouth, slink, all of them.
This skin pack is 299$L.
Fangs not included.

Pose: Purple Poses - Sara 01

Other items used:
Hair: *NEW*Tameless Belinda - Naturals (Lolas) (Not Free)
Eyes: Chus! Anthro Lens in Sunset (free in store! Mini hunt, look for small pumpkins!)
Nail applier: :{MV}: FrenchGoth Vitae Red (Not Free)
Skirt: :{MV}: Micro Flirt Skirt (Not Free)
Ring: RO - Recluse Ring (Left) (Not Free, marketplace Only)
Facial Piercings: Cute Poison - Star Crossed Piercings (not Free)

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