Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gachas just got a whole lot more fun....sooooo many boobs!

Enter into a world of magic and mystery, fun and games, and a little bit of anxiety. 
You've entered a casino, but not just any casino, a casino full of boobie gachas, sexiness, and epic wins.
The smoke floods the air as players yank the cranks, saying just one more pull....but you know it's never the last pull.

So, if you're anything like me...or 90% of the rest of the SL population...gachas are a must play trap.
The person who invented the first gacha, was an evil person...but a genius.
And because of the tit takeover, there is now a gacha...for the well endowed of SL.
The Hello Titty Slots is the annual gacha event put on by Big Boobie Babes, featuring some of the best known boobie things creators.
Everything from clothing to tit tags, to items for between your boobs.
This place is an amazing boobie land gachatopia.

First off let us talk about some information you will need:
When: November 20th
Type of event: Gacha event for Boobie friendly items.
So everything here will include either appliers for Meshy breasts, or will be for use with the breasts (Nipple piercings, in between items, etc).
Price: The prices vary from vendor to vendor, but usually nothing over 100$L.

Here are some of the prizes you will be able to play for this round!
A BIG  thank you to Skyler from the Skyclad fashionista blog and to the Fluffy one, ♥ you both :3

Also, when I fist started thinking of ideas to blog some of this stuff...I didn't want to just go "here are the items, have fun trying" I wanted something a bit more...elaborate.
So I thought...Casino theme!
BUT..it turned out more like a gentlemen's club then a casino, which I think turned out WAY better!

The .:Tits Up:. Chibi Legends Sweater is a cute Meshy piece of goodness!
Shown here with a basic pair of Meshy panties.
Shown here in Common Garen (Me) and RARE Ahri (Skyler),
21 available, 5 rares to collect!
Rares include Annie, Ahri, Orianna and Amumu.
If the names sound familiar, it's because these are based off of League of Legends (LoL) characters!!
Are you ready Summoner?
 These sexy little numbers are from SexZ.
The Twisty top & Knickers are a matching bra and pantie sets, available in 4 colors, 8 styles.
The Lime green one Skyler is wearing is a common and the Pinata Pink with skulls that I am wearing is one of 4 rares!
The rares are the same colors as the commons, but they have skulls on them!
These sexy re-dos of the famous Power Rangers uniforms makes my inner kid squee!
Put out by Tw@tyC@kes!
Based on the original 6 colors of the Rangers, The Morphin outfits are super sexy!
Shown here in RARE Pink Ranger (me), Common Black Ranger(Fluffy), and Common Green Ranger (Skyler)
2 RARES available - Pink and Yellow
 \o/ tits.
Sorry for the shiny edits on the nipples ...I have to keep it SOMEWHAT decent :p
Pomposity gives us some really awesome nipple rings.
The Zodiac Nipple Piercings are available in every Zodiac sign.
Shown here in COMMON Sagittarius, which is my RL Zodiac sign!
12 signs to play for, 2 rares to collect.
Rares include Scorpio and Gemini.
 Here's our awesome friend Skyler showing off the RARE Scorpio piercings!
And a together shot of us...on a bar...mostly naked...and the bartender in the back going "I leave for 5 minutes and come back to THIS?! WTF guys...not that I'm complaining"
Can you tell we had a wee bit of fun doing these photo shoots XD
 Sexy Skyler showing off the sexy RARE Pink Rainbow Lingerie set from Bubblefish.
These sexy little pieces are available in 11 colors, 3 rares to collect.
Each color also includes an applier for Phat Azz!
Rares include Pink Rainbow, Black rainbow, and Mrs. Claus.
 Here I am being all sexy like, showing off the COMMON Lavender color!
Next we have the "Ladies in waiting" wearing the dresses offered up by Pixystix.
The Inked dresses are available in 9 colors, 2 rares to collect.
Shown here in COMMON Mmmm....(Skyler) and RARE Love (Me)
Each one comes with an applier HUD for application to just about everything, and includes a HUD for the Meshy baby bump.
Rares include Love and I love your insides.
 And now for some more tits.
These are the Titty Tags from Pink Sugah.
Sometime before the Titty Slots opened, Tara from Pink Sugah was holding a contest for a random entry into the Titty Slots tit tags she was making.
Her favorite would be chosen, made into a set of tags, given the ENTIRE fatpack of tags, AND receive a 500$L gift card to Pink Sugah.
SO, I entered in my ideas and hoped for the best.
Here I am showing my winning tit tags of "Pinky and Perky" which is a COMMON pair.
Skyler is showing off the "Your boyfriend paid for these" pair, which is 1 of 2 RARES.
10 available, 2 rares to collect.
Rares include "Your boyfriend paid for these" and Chocolate&Strawberry".
You can tell which ones have had too much to drink, especially when one passes out, one has a headache, and one just said screw it and grabbed the bottle off the bar.
Wearing our incredibly sexy dresses from Kennedy's, we slumped up to the bar for another round of our good friends, Jose, Jack, and Morgan.
The Oh La La Dresses are available in 7 colors.
Shown here in COMMON Skulls&Hearts (Me) and the RARE Leopard (Skyler).
And I had to throw in a Vampire Diaries pose because why not?
Here we're showing you the dresses from Ellemeno.
The SuperShort Mini dresses are available in 10 colors.
I'm showing you the RARE Mustaches dress and Skyler is showing off the COMMON Happy Thoughts dress.
Rares include Mustaches dress and a Tardis dress.
After a long night at the Gentlemen's club Skyler and I decide to soak up some much needed sun and relaxation by the pool.
Sporting the RARE Black Cherry Gingham bikini from FABOO, I decided to show of some of my Phat Azz-ssets.
Each color also includes an applier for Phat Azz.
9 colors, 2 rares and 1 ULTRA rare to collect.
Rares include Pink Cherry Gingham and Black Cherry Gingham.
ULTRA rare is a fat pack of ALL colors!
Skyler shows off her sexy curves in the Pink Cherry Gingham bikini while taking in some early morning sunlight.

Picture Location: Personal Build, if you'd like to know what everything is, please ask.

Other things worn:
On Akira:
Hair: (r)M Hair No.12'13 (Size Lola's Tango) ~ o7.1-Fantasy (Not Free)
Skin: A // River ~ Tone 2 // First Kiss [No Cleavage] W/Tango&Phat Azz appliers (Not Free)
Eyes: Candy Mountain- eye wrath - water (Free, Group gift, fee to join)
Shoes: 7E Desire Fat Pack (Not Free)
Nail Applier: --[Pins & Needles]-- Pastel Polish Pack (50$L)
Facial Piercing: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing Candy Metals (Not Free)
Earrings: RO - Lys - Wrought Iron (Not Free)
Necklace: RO - Dark Hearted Necklace (Not Free)
Lips: {.essences.} INDY New Lipstick 01 (Past gift, N/A)

Velvet Chairs and rugs under chairs provided by StoraxTree!

On Skyler:
You can read her details on her blog over here:

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