Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm just a dirty little pop song

Music is a funny thing. 
When put to the correct tune, music can make you laugh, make you cry, and make you want to dance.
And sometimes, a song can hit you in such a way you just can't stop moving, you feel amped, feel overpowered.
And when that song comes on, you have no choice but to start dancing, to start singing along, to start...feeling again.
Today, I bring you some epic finds from the Madhatter Midweek Sale on the Katnipz Wonderland Sim.

Souled Out has released these sexy faded jeans for this event.
The Super Fades jeans are a pair of base layer jeans in 2 styles; plain, and damaged.
These jeans also come with a Phat Azz applier for both styles and a set of leg attachments.
Pick them up for 40$L for this week only!
Next up we have this super cute and sexy top from GlasGow Grin.
This is a base layer top with an applier for Tangos.
These come in a pack of 6 colors with a Jacket and t-shirt layer and appliers for Tangos for all colors.
Grab these up for 40$L for this week only!
Shown here in Black.
My killer shoes are a The Wash, Black Cart Sale Event item.
Coming from MV, these Meshy pieces of awesome shoes are only 10$L, and are available in 6 pattern styles.
Shown here in Slate Knit.
Next up we have a new release from Tameless.
The Charlize hair is a long, messy ponytail style.
This Meshy piece of awesomeness hair is available in 2 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.  
Includes Meshy hair, alpha layer, and a Lolas version for Tangos.
Each color pack is 249$L, while the mega pack with all colors is 499$L.  
Shown here in Fantasy - Hot Pink.

Pose: Flash Friendly Poses - Applause 05 (Not Free, part of pack)

Other Things Worn:
Skin: :[P]:- Astrali Skin[LolasBlend]:// Syalani  (50$L Friday exclusive)
Makeup: :[P]:- Astrali Skin:// Makeup-Syalani-Smoke (Included with 50$L Friday exclusive)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Murky~ Sky Eye (*EXCLUSIVE* Freebie, get it while you can!)
Ass: ** Phat Azz /w thicker legs (Not Free)
Boobs: Lolas :::Tango ::: (Not Free)
Nail applier: --[P&N]-- SLINK appliers - treasure of the deep RARE (25$L Gacha play)
Belt: RO - Lucky Draw Belt - Stitched (Not Free)
Necklaces: :[P]:- Corda (Assorted-Black)://Moon Opal (Past Lazy Sunday exclusive, N/A)
Collar: [The Forge] Studded Collar (Silver) (Genre item)
Headphones: RO - Amped Earphones (Not Free)
Rings: RO - Bitch Ring - Chrome (Not Free, Marketplace only)
Bracelet: RO - Philippines Relief Bracelet (Not free, but all proceeds go to help those effected by typhoon Haiyan.)
Belly piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull - Belly Piercings (Not Free)


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