Friday, November 1, 2013

It's all about the Pink...Sugah

Today's post features hunts gifts, sale items, and  new releases!!
First off we have the Madhatter Midweek Sale item from Pink Sugah (your now noticing where the title came from)!
Broken is a sexy ripped up dress in a black and glitter, black lace, and a gun metal and glitter color.
Each dress includes base layer clothing, appliers for breasts, and prim skirt piece.
These are on sale in a 3 pack for 40$L.
Next we have a hunt gift from DBF.
The hunt gift from DBF is for the up and coming, Frozen hunt.
Based on the Disney movie Frozen, this is a skin and shape set inspired by Elsa, a main character of the movie.
This set comes with the skin, shape, alpha layer eyelash hider, and brow shaper.
Appliers not included, using appliers for "Porcelain" skin.
Next is anew release from Tameless.
Dahlia is a long, one sided hairstyle.
This Meshy piece of goodness includes the hair and an alpha layer.
Dahlia is available in  3 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.
 Each color pack is 249$L.
 The Mega Pack with all colors are 499$L.

Next New release is from Trinite.
The Signature Tote Quilted is a Meshy purse with color change HUD.
There are 6 bag color options and two metal colors to choose from, and also, 3 bags to choose from for your wearing comfort.
Shown here in a Grey color, Right hand version.
This sells for 150$L
And last, but certainly not ever least, is a new to me store.
Upon searching for some new cute accessories, I cam across a store called EZ'S.
EZ'S is a store with, "fashion in a rainbow of color".
Everything from skins and clothing, to makeup and SUPER cute nail appliers and accessories.
Today, I'm showing you the Suicide Rings "pick your poison", and the Heirloom "Lady Grim" choker.
Each one of these is a Meshy piece of goodness.

The rings each have a "poison" to choose from.
I chose Hemlock and Cyanide.
They come with a poison picker HUD with several different ones to choose from.
The rings are 99$L for the set.
The choker comes with a black version, and a white version, with a built in re-size.
The picture is color change via built in click HUD.
These are 99$L.

Location: Kowloon
Pose: oOo autumn_five (Fifty Linden Friday exclusive)

Other items worn:
Shoes: 7E EX *Femdom* (Free, Femdom Hunt)
Nail applier: Nailed It - Halloween 2013 Set HUD, Black Cat option (free on Marketplace)

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