Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lady of the lake

You will never see her house during the summer, the ice melts and the house sinks to the bottom, encased in a protective shield.
During which time she takes upon herself to find a new child..a prisoner of the lake, someone to take over her legacy.
As Christmas draws nearer, she gets more intense on her target, she's followed them since early June, just to make sure they are the *right* one.
Usually, a child of 6-10 will do, but this time...she had chosen an older target, and one that wouldn't be  missed too much, an insane asylum patient with no friends and no family.
There is a new hunt starting up pretty soon called the Invitation Only Hunt.
This hunt is put on by the Stuff My inventory Hunt Organization and runs from December 1st to the 22nd,
This hunt is an invite only hunt, meaning only designers that the organizer wanted in the hunt are participating and there are some GREAT designers!

The hints will be HERE (Will be updated once hunt starts)
You can preview gifts HERE (again, still being updated)

My preview today shows just a small handful of some of the designers participating in the hunt.
I'll go down a list, telling you who and what they made :3

Outfit: [Teri]otrope Eirwen outfit
This is a full Meshy piece of goodness outfit and includes a Meshy dress in several sizes, Meshy top in several sizes, a Meshy skirt in several sizes, modesty layers, alpha layers, and an applier for Tangos.

Eyes: Clemmm - Violet Green Drop Eyes
Comes in a pack of 3 colors, Meshy eyes.

Eye-shadow: ! (make-up)
Comes in a pack with several colors to choose from, Makeup layer.

Cardboard Trees: c( TC ) Cardboard Apple Tree & Cardboard Tree
These are Meshy cardboard cut out trees, perfect for an added touch.

Poses: The Secret Hideout
Lovely Poses pack of 4, showing Pose 2 (First pics) and Pose 4 (Last pic)

Cards above fire place: Sari-Sari - Photo Hanger
Meshy cards on a line \o/

My hair is a new release from Tameless called April.
April is an up do styled hair style with a flower crown.
Available in 2 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.
Each color pack is 249$L, while the Mega Pack with all colors is 499$L.
My staff is a new release form C.C.K for the Christmas Market Sale.
The Jack Frost Staff is a 100% Meshy piece of goodness, and comes in a pack with several ways of wear, and with a particle effect, or without a particle effect.
Inspired by  Jack Frost of "Rise of the Guardians", this staff is sure to be great with any fantasy play!
Shown here in Back, with particle effect.
Pick yours up for 75$L, only during the Christmas Market Sale!

Other things worn:
Skin: A // Paris ~ Tone 2 // Natural [No Cleavage] (Not Free)
Blush: *Epic Blush* -Jack Or Jill Hunt-{Rosie Pink} (Past hunt gift, N/A)
Lips: [mock] Glasside Lip- Carissma [Lip 2] (Past group gift, fee to join)
Choker: c( TC ) Woodland Thistlebrier Collar (Not Free, Fantasy Collective exclusive)
Earrings: Krystal -Virtue Earring - Platinum (Free Style, 10$L)

90% of the furniture used is from StoraxTree-

Crazy girl: AVDCH2 Holiday Hunt Prize (Hunt gift)
Fireplace: Hearth and Home Fireplace L
Decor on fireplace: Table Top Decor Collection C
Gramophone: Winter Holiday Gramaphone (Hunt Gift)
Antlers: Native Polished Spiral Horned Decor
Couch: Native Sofa Dk Brown Gold
Toy on floor: Holiday Playing Dolls Decor Scene (Hunt Gift)
Rug: Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Autumn Star Rug Mid
Lanterns outside: Stone Lighting - Winter Candles Tall C, A, and Short A
Easel Outside: Artistic Endeavours Easel A

Other Decor:
Hat on Crazy girl: RO - Festivat - Mistletoe RARE (Not Free, available at the Arcade Gacha event 12/1!)
Mask: RO - 13 Remarkable Nights of Oblivion - 0 (The elusive Mask Zero. Given out to contestants who entered the Remarkable Oblivion Halloween Contest, N/A)

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