Thursday, November 14, 2013

Super Heroines, Super Villains ...and their boobs

Katnipz Events brings us another boobie themed hunt for those of us more...well endowed ladies.
I present you, the Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super Boobs Hunt:
Now, before we look at these SUPER sexy and awesome gifts, here is some info you're going to need!
When- November the 15th - December the 15th
All the gifts will be spratically spread out all over the sim!
Price- 5$L
Type - A boobie friendly hunt!
Hunt Item- A POW! sign
Put on by-  Katnipz Events.
 They brought us Alice in Boobie Land Hunt, Cirque Du Freak hunt, and weekly sales events!

What makes it unique- The owner of Katnipz wanted this to be a fun and challenging hunt for the designers and the hunters a like. So instead of doing a hunt where all you'll get is the known sexiness like Catwoman and Wonder Woman all the time, you'll be getting a DIFFERENT character at every stop!
Some designers even took on 2 characters!
The 2nd character will be put out in their store/stall for the duration of the hunt for 20$L.

Now, on to some gifts!
Also, I will be doing wiki links to all the characters so you can get acquainted with them \o/ 

First, the skin I am using is actually one of the hunt gifts I previewed earlier in *this* post.
Being offered up by C.C.K., the Heart Of Fire Skin is inspired by The Phoenix from X-Men.
Included is the skin and appliers for Tangos, and Phat Azz, and a pair of Meshy, tintable eyes!
.Super Heroine/Villain: The Phoenix

Hair: *NEW* Tameless Viveka - Naturals (Not Free)
Shoes - Ho Wear: #2::DUCE::2# Stomped boot charcoal (Not Free)

Pose: Apple Spice - Action Pose 013 (Not Free)

.Super Heroine/Villain 1: Mmm....Kay!
 Enchantress - 20$L special
.Super Heroine/Villain  2: NewtiQue
.Super Heroine/Villain  3: Ravnous
.Super Heroine/Villain 4: Anymore Store
.Super Heroine/Villain 5: Wicked Sins Creations
.Super Heroine/Villain 6: PixyStix
.Super Heroine/Villain 7: Souled Out
Vampirella -20$L Special
.Super Heroine/Villain 8: ImpTail
.Super Heroine/Villain 9: Glasgow Grin
.Super Heroine/Villain 10: FCDesigns
.Super Heroine/Villain 11: Besieged 
.Super Heroine/Villain 12: PopTart
.Super Heroine/Villain 13: Stelloane
.Super Heroine/Villain 14: Fujiwara's World 
.Super Heroine/Villain 15: Toxic high
.Super Heroine/Villain 16: Fulana's
.Super Heroine/Villain 17: F.K.
.Super Heroine/Villain 17: Tits Up

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