Friday, November 8, 2013

Tainted Stasis

Today I channeled my inner Goth with the new outfit from Stasis for the MadHatter Midweek Sale.
I paired the top from that outfit with some awesome jeans from Dystorted, long black flowing hair from Tameless, and the new Spiky backpack from Zenith for the Men's Department.

My outfit consists of two pieces from separate places.
The top is the top from the Crimson Pusher outfit by Stasis.
Crimson Pusher is available for the Madhatter Midweek Sale on the Katnipz Wonderland Sim for 40$L.
It comes with base layer clothing including a pair of pants (not shown), a Meshy corset top in several sizes, and an alpha layer.

The jeans are from Dystorted and are a separate buyable piece of the Cozy outfit.
The jeans are Meshy and come in several sizes with an alpha layer.
These are the Flare pants in Dark Blue Skulls.
Available in 7 colors, they are sold for 199$L each, or 750$L for the Fat-Pack.

The spiky backpack is the newest release from Zenith.
Rammus is available at this round of the Men's Department.
Available in Black and red leather, these come in 2 styles per color. Closed and open , in 2 sizes.
Shown here in Black leather, closed.
Sold for 180$L per color.
My hair is a new release from Tameless called Farrah.
Farrah is a long flowing hair style.
Farrah comes in 2 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.
  Each color pack is 249$L.  
The Mega Pack with all colors are 499$L.

Pose: Flash Friendly Poses - Stand 042 (1$L, TGOHH)

Other things worn:
Skin: cStar Limited - Maya - Pearl - D Cup (N/A, exclusive survey gift)
Eyes: Chus! Cursed Glitter Foul
Nail applier: Nailed It! - Halloween 2013 set (free on Marketplace)
Shoes: {DarkWare} Poison Heels Red Fishnet (Not Free)
Headband: RO - Crown of Thorns - Red (Head) (Not Free)
Ring: Cute Poison - Spiked Ring Black (Not Free)
Collar: {DarkWare} Tainted -Black (Not free)
Glasses: Sugel Co. My Dear Sunglasses black *RARE* (Rabbit Hole Sales Room exclusive, 50$L gacha prize)
Facial piercings: Cute Poison - Disarray Piercings (N/A, past group gfit)

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