Saturday, November 2, 2013

That moment you realize everything you have done has this.

Remarkable Oblivion has released these amazing new hats for the next round of the Men's Department.
The Paragon hat is a Meshy piece of goodness, complete with a detachable nose chain.
Paragon is available at the next round of the Men's Department for 199$L.
There are 5 colors to choose from, and I'll be showing you all of them.
In the main pic, you see the Black colored one.
Speaking of the main pic, the skirt I'm wearing is an awesome freebie.
The skirt is from ImpTail, and is available in the Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0.
This is a Meshy piece of goodness skirt that includes the skirt in several sizes and an alpha layer.
Get it while it's free!
They are also in the Not the Usual Pumpkin hunt, and the Dirty Pillows 2 hunt!
The collar I am wearing is a new release from Darkware.
The Tainted Collar is a Meshy piece of goodness and is available in 7 colors.
Each color includes the Meshy collar in several sizes, and an alpha layer.
Sold for 100$L a color, shown here in Black.
{DarkWare} Tainted -Black
The skin and bear are from the hunt currently on at Yum Yums.
Find the 4 little white Halloween treats and buy them for 10$L.
The skin comes in a pack with several brow options & cleavage options.
Also included is a HUD with every applier you could ever want...ever.
.{yy}. {Ghost} Alli {DB}
The bear comes with several ways of wear, including a hug me pose one, and comes in a big avi and a toddleedoo versions.
.{yumyum}. War-Ready ilo {Helloweenie}
*Not sure how long this hunt will be going for, so GET DOWN THERE!!*

Now, for the other colors of the hats.
Yes, this is a picture of me laying on my living room floor in front of the fireplace....naked...with just the hats covering my bits....
Head to...uhm...knee-
Forever Black, Classic Camo, Kremlin Grey, Made Plaid, Perfect Pink.
Pose: RACK Poses -   Play It Again, Sam (1$L in store)
Location: {DarkWare} This place has a great feel to it, lots of dark & spooky corners to check out!
Pose: Di's Opera - Morning Vanity 3 (Not free, part of pack, at Euphoria finale sale)
Other things worn:
Hair base: MADesigns-Hairbase-the-core (past hunt gift, N/A)
Eyes: Chus! Poupee Lens in Poison (free in world during hunt, unsure for how long)
Claws: AKA - Claws Dragon black FEMALE (Not free, on Marketplace)
Horns: *Epic* {DN-HV} Pierced Mini Demon Horns! {Coal} (Past hunt gift, N/A, non-pierced in store)
1.: . sP . ; Blq Slip Lips (past gift item, N/A)
2.: blackLiquid MAKEUP -  smudged vixen gloss (past event gift, N/A)
3.: *MC* Makeup - Runny Couture Eyeliner (Past event gift, N/A)
Earrings: RO - Arsenal - Silver (Not Free)
Top: R.icielli - MILITARY Jacket / Black (Past hunt gift, N/A)
Shoes: FLite. - Aviators Raven (Limited edition, N/A, Not free)
Cigarette: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] LUCKY STROKE Ciggie (Smoked - Tar) (Part of pack, Not free)

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