Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Khione Frosticle Fable

The snow falls ever so slowly, almost like a snow drizzle.
You look up and catch one on your tongue, it's a reminder of your childhood.
When out of the corner of your mind, you can see something, but when you look that way it is gone.
That thing you thought you saw, that is the creator of all things cold.
Snow, ice, hail, the frozen lakes, the Frost Queen Khione.
Sakide has again released an *Amazing* outfit.
This time, a white 2 piece outfit called Khione.
Khione is available at the Main Event but with a twist.
The thing that sets the Main Event apart from other events is that instead of buying everything there, the creators were asked to make something that went together but sell one there, and one at their main store.
So with that in mind Sakide made the Khione corsets available at the Main Event, and the Khione skirts available at the main store.
Khione includes 2 styles as well, one with snowflakes for that winter feel, and one plain white version for an everyday wear.
This Meshy piece of goodness outfit includes corsets in several sizes, a skirt in several sizes, appliers for Tangos, a choker, and alpha layers.
For the December round of We ♥ Role play, Aeva//Heartsick offered up a *gorgeous* blue hued skin called Fable.
Fable is an off shoot of the Paris skin and is in a soft blue Frosticle tone.
Included in this package of frozen goodness is:
+ Four cleavage options, dark brow, white brow and no brow options
+ Appliers for Lola Tango/Mirage, Lush and Puffy Mesh Breasts
+ Applier for SLink Hands and Feet
+ Applier for Phat Azz
+ Applier for Loud Mouth
+ Applier for AMD Baby Bump
+Meshy ears in 2 lengths
+Modifiable shape
All the appliers are in one convienent HUD for easy application!
The skin is 50% off during We ♥ Role Play and is only 425$L!
Speaking of We ♥ Role Play...
Ellabella put out this *stunning* necklace called Ensorcelled.
Shown here in the Mist color, the necklace is available in 3 colors for 100$L each.
Included is a necklace for attachment on Spine and Chest.

The little white horns are a new release from C.C.Kreations called Vector Horns.
The White version of these horns are available 140$L.
These are a 100% original Meshy piece of goodness!

Location: Personal build
Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* Artsy Schmartsy 6 (Todays Asvent Calender, 1$L grab it before tomorrow!)

Animal: ~silentsparrow~ Weasel (Tempest) Wind Elemen-tails! (Not free, Arcade Gacha prize)

Other items used:
Eyes: cStar Limited - Pure Full Black Eyes (N/A)
Eye contacts: ~*By Snow*~ Snowfall (10% Glow) (10$L)
Hair: *AP* Melissa Frosted - White (N/A, Free during the Advent Calender, only available 24 hours after release)
Shoes: *Epic* Mesh Neo Glacier Latex Boot (Not Free)
Staff: [The Forge] Aura Staff Common (White) -CBOX (Not free, 50$L gacha prize)
Circlet: Deviance - Erulisse Circlet - The Maiden RARE (Not Free,gacha prize)
Snowflake: Snowflake (N/A, special request)
Orb: {anc} a.royal .wear (Not Free, 50$L Gacha prize)

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