Thursday, December 12, 2013

That's Miss Doll to you!

And if you complain once more, 
you'll meet an army of me

you're on your own now
we won't save you
your rescue-squad 
is too exhausted

Giant mechanical snail destroying the city...whats a girl gonna do?
So the 13th will be your last chance to grab the Fashion Krush - Baby Doll outfit, along with 37 other Super Heroine and Super Villain outfits.
The Super Heroine, Super Villain, Super Boobs hunt comes to an end on that day and leads in to the next Katnipz hunt, The Bloody Christmas Hunt.
But before we get into that hunt, make sure you grab up all the SUPER outfits for your next Halloween party, costume gathering, or even Super role-play!
The Baby Doll outfit is based on the main heroine in the Sucker Punch movie, Baby Doll.
Included in this outfit is a Meshy skirt in several sizes, an alpha layer, base layer top, arm cuffs, Meshy scarf with tie, and applier for Meshy Breasts.
Pick yours up during the hunt for 5$L.
Hint: The book is your bridge through life...
And here is where I give out a thank you to some very awesome people.
Sebby and Blair, thank you SO much for the birthday present!
The crossbows are incredibly epic, and look great with a pleated skirt!
You'll be seeing these a ton so...I hope you all like epic weapons and skirts...these would look killer with panties too...hmmmm.

Location: Rebeca Bashly - Sleepy Snail (This Snail is really awesome up close, make sure you check it out!)
Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* The Huntress 1 - 4 (Not Free, part of pack)

Other items worn:

Skin:  ~PixyStix~ ::Hayden:: 00 HCL w/Abs No Brow (waxed) (Not Free)
Hair: Tameless Pippa - Naturals, Platinum, black bands (Not Free)
Eyes: .tsg. Neko Luvers - Sapphire (Group Gift, fee to join)
Lips: [mock] Machine Envy Lip Jelle (1) (Past Group Gift, fee to join)
Red face: .Oh!Liv. *Winter's Face* Chilly (Free, IOH)
Shoes: [LW] Crushers ♥ (Not Free)
Knee Pads: .:Dystorted:. Knee Pads (Not free, part of Syren set)
Cross-bows: [EZ]-[Dual] Liberator Crossbow (Not Free)

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