Friday, January 3, 2014

Sailor January Jupiter

So as many of you might (not) know, I'm a gamer girl at heart. 
I started when I was a tiny girl on my original Nintendo with Mario and Duck Hunt.
Moved up to Super Nintendo and LOVED the Marios' and the Donkey Kong games.
As I got older, I got into computer gaming, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Second Life, and some others.
Among other things I LOVE Sailor Moon, I love cats, I love shiny things, I love random things that make me go oooo..I like this.
So when looking trough the lists upon lists of participating designers for the OMG gacha event, I found LOTS of things that I just HAD to have!

One being this sexy Sailor Moon inspired outfit from The Sugar Garden.
The Sentofuku Lingerie sets are available in every Sailor color, including the RARE Sailor Moon set.
This is the Jupiter set.
Each set includes base layer clothing, Meshy collar and back bow, appliers for Tangos and Mirage, and for Phat Azz.
These made me jump up and down when I saw them!
Each play is 50$L and there are 9 COMMONS and 1 RARE.
My hair is one of the RARE packs from GEEK.
The Gamer-Leftovers -Has-Been Chocolate Controller hair is an UNRIGGED piece of Meshy hair and comes with a color change Controller!
At 60$L a play, there are 8 COMMONS, and 4 RARES.
What would a Sailor Scout be if she didn't have her own Tuxedo Mask?
Or..Gentleman Head Warmer Kitty.
This is one of the RARE kitties from the Mango Cheeks gacha.
Each play is 50$L and there are 6 COMMONS, 3 RARES, and one SUPER SECRET.
Isn't he just super cute :3
P.S.: Looking for a Grumpy cat if anyone has an extra XD
To add a little touch to the look adding something EXTRA special, I used one of the necklaces from the Forge.
This is the ULTRA RARE Gold Aura Necklace.
The detailing on this are amazing!
At 50$L a play, there are limitless colors and options to win.

And now for the January part.
The skin I am wearing is the new gacha skin from cStar Limited.
This is Miss January 2014 and she is GORGEOUS.
Each gacha play starts at 10$L a play and goes up by 1$L a day.
Meaning today, they are 11$L.
There are  tones to snap up and the gachas aren't the only way to grab them.
There are also 2 Lucky boards, 1 for everyone and 1 for Platinum members (1,000$L Join fee).
BUT the RARES are only available in the gacha and you are going to want EVERY tone!
This is my personal fave tone of Blush \o/
Appliers are sold separately in the store, and the store just got a BRAND NEW layout, so be sure to check it out!!

Location: Personal Build
Back shot: Apple Spice - Flirty Pose 001
Other: Apple Spice - Sexy Pose 016

Other things worn:
Eyes: [Plastik] VaeColl.-Fool (N/A)
Shoes: 7E Desire Fat Pack (Not Free)
Nail applier: Orc Inc - Glitter colors fatpack (Not Free)
Facial piercings: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing Candy Metals (Past event exclusive)
Earrings: {.::GFD::.} ~ Candy Star [GR] ~ Mesh Earings (Not free, FROST exclusive)

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