Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cloud Nine

Anyone may claim that he will act in the direst times, yet only a brave man acts in times great and small."

Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII
Coming back with more from the Final Fantasy festival....I decided to do a female twist on an awesome male character,

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is the man I was talking about in This post with the gravity defying hair...I always wanted to touch it and see if it was going to break when I played the games XD
To bring that same hair into this post I had to go to Ayashi.
Ayashi has a Cloud hair out as one of their event items (Not exclusive, just the right theme!), and it's amazingly done.
The Cloud hair features gravity defying hair available in 12 color packs.
Shown here in the Blonds pack, grab yours up for 200$L, or 1,500 for the Fat-Pack.
The beautiful Skin I am wearing is one of the exclusives from Deluxe Body factory and is called Phoenix.
Phoenix is one of 4 female skins offered up in a single tone for this event.
Included in the skin packs are 2 breast options, eyebrow shaper, eyelash hider, and appliers for Tangos, Phat Azz, Slink hands&feet, and baby Bump.
Grab Calista, Alexandria, Phoenix, or Sage for 1,499$L.
Next, my awesometastic outfit is provided by Endorphin.
Endorphin has brought to us this overly sexy, and bad-ass outfit.
The outfit has no name, but includes a lot of things!
The outfit includes A Meshy skirt, top, and boots all in 5 sizes.
Base layer netted bodysuit, armbands, and punked cuffs.
The outfit is yours for 425$L!

Eye makeup is by Oh L!v and is from the Misaki set.
Misaki is offered in 5 colors, including the one shown of Blood.
Grab yours for 40$L a color, or the Fat-Pack for 160$L!
Now for a c-c-c-combo product.
Lovely Disarray and H.O.D. have a long standing of working together and making amazetastic things together.
This events exclusive is no exception!
H.O.D. made the Reno Reloaded piercing as their event exclusive.
This 100% Original Meshy piercing set is available in a pantheon of colors for 75$L a color (450$L Fat-Pack), and includes the facial piercing and earrings.
Shown here in Razor.
Lovely Disarray complemented this piercing by making Reno's signature face markings in Black and red.
When paired together, you get an awesometsatic final look!
 Lovely Disarray's facial markings are 150$L for Four Face paints.
Two in Red & Two in Black. 

Speaking of Lovely Disarray...
The eyes I am wearing is another one of their event exclusives.
The Children of Jenova Eyes are available in 7 eye colors and include the system eyes and Meshy attachments.
Grab your fave color for 85$L, or get the fat-pack for 400$L.
All poses are provided by Hopscotch from the female Busted set.
The Busted sets are just 1 of several exclusives.
Included are 5 poses, and 5 matching swords.
This set is available in a male set as well, and each one is 250$L for the set of 5.

Now, I have to give incredible thanks to Ravenna for a few thanks.
Ravenna Rossini is not only the founder of Final Fantasy Festival and one of the owners for the RP sim Lifestream, she also did these pics last night.
They look incredible!
Thank you so much for the amazetastic festival, and the amazetastic pictures!

Speaking of the pictures...
These were all taken on the RP sim that is Final Fantasy: Lifestream.
The RP sim is gorgeous, and even offers that Final Fantasy game feel with teleporters into certain areas.
While you are at the fair, make sure you take the teleporter down and poke around a bit, you will fall in love with the sim, and there is usually someone around willing to RP with you!

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