Saturday, February 1, 2014

In her master's eyes

'Slave girls relish compliments. Indeed there is a Gorean saying
to the effect that any woman who relishes a compliment is in her
heart a slave girl. She wants to please. Most Gorean men would
not think twice about collaring a girl who responds, smiling, to
compliments. A desire to please her Master. When she is
complimented she knows she has pleased him

Beasts of Gor, p. 17
Fantasy Gacha Carnival started today at midnight, and all the gachas are yours for the taking!
I have here 2 of the event exclusives from Deluxe Body Factory!

Firstly, the skin is from the Ashaki gacha and is 1 of 2 RARES to win.
There are a total of 8 skins to win, with 6 COMMONS in total.
The Ashaki COMMON skins (3-10) feature different makeup styles.
The RARES are in a natural makeup style, and include a shape (Not Shown), appliers for Tangos, Phat Azz, Slink hands, and Baby Bump, and a kajira branding mark on the left leg.
Showing here Ashaki skin #1 with kajira branding RARE
The next item from Deluxe Body factory is the Leendah Crown.
The Leendah crown is available in 4 commons, One ultra-rare, and one rare.
100% original meshy design, and includes a Resize scripted (all directions stretching options) for easy fit.
Shown here in the ULTRA RARE Silver version!
Now, in order to blog these items, I had to go on an adventure to find something Gorean.
I don't have many things in my collection, and I don't usually go for the Gor things, BUT I happened to receive a notice in one of my groups about a new store to hit the grid called A Masters Eye.
Outfits from ::AME:: are designed from a Master's point of view of what he would like to see on his girls.
So you know, everything from here is going to be incredibly textured, designed, and sexy!
As they are starting out, they only have a few outfits available and only a few colors of each.
This is the Celtic Dress in Black.
Offered up in several colors, this Meshy outfit is sexy, but kind of modest at the same time.
Included in the Celtic Dress is the Meshy dress in several sizes, alpha layer, AND appliers for Tangos meshy Breasts.
Pick yours up for 250$L.

Location: Sero
Pose: .Mien. - {linger} 004 (Not Free, Part of set)

Other Things Worn:
Hair: NEW Tameless Magda - Naturals, Auburn (Not Free)
Eyes: KMADD Mesh Eyes (Marketplace freebie, comes with several colors/styles)
Collar: JD - Tri Bands - Black (N/A)

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