Friday, February 7, 2014


Welcome Kupo to my little shop of wonders!
Browse my wares, be enchanted by all the shiny and intricate things I have acquired.
I see you looking at one of my newest additions, you have a great eye Kupo!
would you like to buy, sell, maybe trade?
So recovering from my sexy male side post, I decided to go overly cute and sweet with the next post.
I present to you more from the Final fantasy Festival!

What better way to be overly cute and sexy but with a Moogle themed post, or rather, ALL THE CUTE THINGS!

The Luna outfit in Sunset is one of the event exclusives from Luminary.
The outfit is a 2 piece Meshy outfit and is offered in several colors.
included is the Meshy top in several sizes, the Meshy skirt in several sizes, and an alpha lyer.
Grab your fave color for 300$L!
The Skin is one of the exclusives from Deluxe Body factory and is called Calista.
Calista is one of 4 female skins offered up in a single tone for this event.
Calista features a neon pink face stripe across the eyes, and pale pink lips.
Included in the skin packs are 2 breast options, eyebrow shaper, eyelash hider, and appliers for Tangos, Phat Azz, Slink hands&feet, and baby Bump.
Grab Calista, Alexandria, Phoenix, or Sage for 1,499$L.
My eyes are one of a couple of exclusives from Oh L!v.
The Nobu eyes are featured in 7 colors at 40$L a color or in a in a fat pack with all 7 colors included.
These are system eyes, and are easy to wear.
Shown here are the Nebula Eyes.
Grab yours for 240$L for the fat pack, or 40$L a a color.

The Moogle pieces are a freebie offered up by EVO at the event.
There is a "Generous Moogle" standing outside of their spot at the event, click, and become a super cute moogle yourself!
Jewelry is provided by EllaBella for this event and is called Materia Jewelry.
The Materia Jewelry is offered in a wide range of colors and includes the earrings and matching necklace.
Available in the Simple or Complex pack, or by a single color one has different styles to it.
I'm showing here the Coplex set in Purple.
The complex set offers 7 colors of matching necklaces and earrings as well as a bonus Spectrum color.
Grab your choice of set fat packs for 700$L, or both for 125$L each.
All of my hair pins are from Souzou Eien.
Each one is 75$L a piece, or sold in a fat pack for 200$L.
There is Enlightened, Elegance, Orient Mystique, and Lotus Blossom.

The moogles: {Kupo' Army}.::C.C. Kre-ations::.
Found in a gacha for 50$L a play, these little guys can be rezzed or held!
The rares include the reading Moogle and the basket carrying Moogel (Under door), and the King Moogle!

The chocobo purse: Frogstar - Fat Chocobo Handbag
A wearable hand bag to compliment any outfit!
Available for 75$L.

Fluffy Moogle, Chocobo, and tonberry plushies: { E v o } FF Stuffed Animals!
These are actually holdable plushies, but can be rezzed as well.
Get the 3 pack for 150$L!

Phoenix bird: { E v o } Artic Baby Phoenix (w/ Holding Animation + 8 Colors)
This is available by itself as the original 8 colors.
Basic 8 color one is 250$L.
40$L a gacha try with the RARE Chocobo skin.

Frogstar - 10,000 Needles Wall Art
Frogstar - Bob's Chocobo Burgers Wall Art
Frogstar - Mog's House Wall Art
These are Meshy pictures that are available for 75$L each.

Backpack: Riske - Bomber Backpack (Terra)
A meshy wearable backpack for any look!
Available for 170$L.

Dragon mask: ~Chimeric Fashions~ Steampunk Dragon Mask (Steel)
A wearable, or rezzable mask available in 3 colors for 295$L each.

Save Point: (MuSt) Fantasy Save Point v3
Available in 3 versions, each one can be modded for size, shape, and even particle effects.
Grab yours for 75$L for the set of 3!

Location: Personal
Pose: ::Axix:: captive 4 (Not free, part of pack, includes props not shown, Fantasy Room)
Hair: .ploom. Josefine (large) - Indecisive (Not Free)
Nail applier:
Shoes: HOLLY MESH WHITE FRESCA LORI LANE BOOTS (Style Icon Fair exclusive, not free)

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