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As many of you who read my posts know, or may not know, I'm a huge geek.
I love all the geeky things, play most of the geeky things, say all the geeky things.
So when the Final Fantasy Festival was announced, I jumped on it as fast as I could!
I mean, it's a FESTIVAL about FINAL FANTASY!
What self respecting geek would turn that up?
Not I!
So, here is the infos:
From February 7th until the 21st, you can grab just about anything and everything Final Fantasy inspired.
From Vincent Valentine, to Lighting. Chocobos to Moogles, there is something for every Final Fantasy game lover.
Click that up there to find out more!

So here is one of my....ideas XD

Vincent Valentine has got to be one of my fave characters of any of the games, and Cloud of course, but...that's a whole nother post!

Real men have gravity defying hair \o/

What if Vincent Valentine traded in that dark and broody outfit of his and pepped up in a flaming hot chili pepper red suit and tie?
This would be the result:
ok, ok, calm yourself now, I have to tell you some info about all of this stuff!

Firstly, the hair is one of the Event Exclusives from Ayashi.
The Vincent hair (hence the use) is a rigged Meshy hair style and comes in a couple of sizes for easy fitting.Also included is a HUD for hair/headband change and Re-size.
8 colors to choose from for the hair, and a never ending choice for the headband. 
I stuck with the basics for Vincent, but lightened the band up to match the suit!
Shown here in Black from the Basics set.
9 different color packs to buy, or 1 full fat-pack.
Each pack is 250$L, with the Fat-pack being 1,500$L.
Demo available !
The next thing from this event is the Skin/shape/eyes!
Morphine made sexy men from Final Fantasy sets, this is of course, the Vincent model.
Each model comes with a shape, eyes, and a skin modeled after the character.
Vincent, Sephiroth, Cloud, and Genesis are available to grab up and make yourself, or your special friend, epic sexy!
Grab each one of these for 600$L!
Next, we have the epic rare Chocobo ring from Frogstar!
Available in a gacha, they are 25$L a play with 4 rares to collect, and 10 commons.
Shown here is the regular Chocobo.
There is even a FAT Chocobo version!
The mask is also from this event, from Riske.
The Khaos Mask is one of several exclusives offered for the event.
It is a Meshy piece of goodness mask and includes the Mask in seveal Meshy sizes, and an alpha layer.
Available in 4 colors for 120$L.

Now onto another event items:
The suit is from No Salvation Designs for the Style Icon fair starting, also on the 7th.
I thought this worked amazingly well for a Vincent suit XD
Which works incredibly well since it's a Manson inspired suit \o/
The top and pants are sold as a separate suit, and there is also a top hat to match.
Vincent wears no top hat XD
The Grotesque Men's suit is a Meshy suit and comes in a brilliant Chili pepper red color.
Here are the prices and whats included:
Jacket: [[NS]] Men's Grotesque Suit Coat w/ Tie (Red) 399$L
This includes the Meshy jacket in several sizes and an alpha layer.

Pants: [[NS]] Men's Grotesque Suit Pants (Red)  199$L
This includes the Meshy pants in several sizes and an alpha layer.

Top hat (Not Shown): [[NS]] Grotesque Laced Tophat (Red) 199$L
Included in this is the Meshy top hat in the red color, re-sizanle via click menu.
The Yanik boots are another event exclusive for the Style Icon Fair, and are from Heydra.
Yanik is available in a pantheon of colors, and includes the Meshy boots, foot shaper, and alpha layer.
Each color is 350$L, and shown here are the Red 01 color.

Pose w/prop: aDORKable Poses: Love Gun 2 Dork Pack (N/A, Store closed)

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