Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lucky Charms and the name game at parties.

Remember when you were younger and you'd play the game where you would write down a word, or a name and give it to someone to wear on their forehead, where the object was for them to guess who/what they were without looking at the card?
It could be something simple like "Dentist" or "King Kong", and they had to guess with asking yes or no questions.
As you got older, the names changed, and got a bit more...unusual or harder to figure out.
"Whore" was always my favorite to use because no one would ever ask "Am I a whore?"
It's just silly XD
The hat from Goth1c0 made me think of that game, and what better way to show it off, than with a guy in a suit :p
The "You Whore!" Hat is one of the event exclusives from the Whore Couture fair 3.
This is a Meshy piece of awesomeness with a built in re-size script for easy fitting.
Grab it up until 3/31/14.
My outfit today is from Dystorted and is the newest men's release.
Lucky Charms is a fully Meshy outfit, and is available in 5 colors.
The tie has cute little clovers on it, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!
Each color includes a Meshy jacket in several sizes, Meshy pants in several sizes, Meshy belt in several sizes, and alpha layers.
There is also a fat-pack available with all 5 colors included, with an easy to use color change HUD, so no need for 6 of the same shirt in different colors \o/.
Grab yous for 299$L, or the fat-pack for 999$L.

Location: Srs Corp
Pose: Elephante Poses - Lie To Me #3
Past Jack Or Jill Hunt gift, still available as of 3/10/14

Other things worn:
Ring: Swallow Death Ring Silver (Past TDR)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Resident Hair - Holidays gift (Past group gift, N/A, fee to join)

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