Friday, March 14, 2014


"She stood as her mask fell to the floor, 
unbelievably revealed that she could finally tell someone who she truly was."
I have some more sexy skins from the Skin Fair
Lumae (Previously Aeva//Heartsick), has these adorably sexy skins out as their Skin Fair exclusives, and guess what guys...
That's right, appliers for Slink, Phat Azz, Boobies, and Baby Bumps!
Now that we are done fan girling, let's look at the sexy new skin.
This is Una in Icing with Delicious makeup .
Una will be available at the Skin Fair starting TODAY!
Available in 8 tones, each tone being priced at 825$L, with appliers sold separately for L$50 per tone.
Available in two makeup styles; Bare and a new makeup called Delicious.
Also included are cleavage, freckles, and no brow options.
Grab her up in your perfect tone!
Next I want to talk about this sexy mask.
The Red Latex Bunny Mask is another one of the 4 head pieces from Goth1c0 for the Whore Couture Fair.
This is a Meshy piece of goodness, with a built in re-size script for easy fitting!
Grab yours for 250$L.


Poses: Glitterburps ~ baby got back 1
70$L, part of pack.
Glitterburps ~ Hands Up 4 mirror
70$L, part of pack.

Other things worn:
Hair: Tameless Saige - Naturals, Charcoal

NEW! Available in 3 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.  
Includes hairbases.
Each color pack is 249$L.
 The Mega Pack with all colors is 499$L.

Eyes: [Plastik]VaeColl.-Fool
Not Free.

Nail Applier:   Dark Passion - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Lucky Metals
Gacha style, 50$L per play, available only at the Luck of the Irish gacha fair starting on the 12th.
Includes toenail applier.

Shoes: .The Sugar Garden. Bubbles Heels v.2 - Black - SLINK High
Not Free, SLink High feet ONLY.

Earrings: Swallow Groupie Black Earrings
Past The Dressing Room Fusion exclusive, N/A.

Necklace: {Mango Cheeks} You Are Necklace - Blood
35$L, part of the retirement sale, available up stairs in main shop.

Necklace: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace (Wicked)
Gacha prize at Luck of the Irish gacha fair 
21 commons available. 
No RARES in this one!
 50$L per play.

Ring: Cute Poison - Eden Ring (White RARE)
Gacha prize at Luck of the Irish gacha fair 
 Includes 3 metal colors via HUD, materials enabled.
 9 commons and 3 rares available.
50$L per play.

Ring: Violent Seduction - Cameo Ring Red/Gold
Gacha prize, 50$L per play.
Witching Hour exclusive, N/A

Dress: Figgy Boutique Starlette Dress
Not Free, Includes dress in several sizes, alpha layers, and color change HUD with 8 color options.

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