Friday, April 18, 2014


Oh, come on, Puddin'! 
Don't you wanna rev up your "Harley"? 
Vroom vroom! 
Dark Passions released this sexy corset and skirt outfit as one of their event exclusives for the Comic Fashion Fair.
The Super Villain Outfit is a Meshy outfit and inlcludes the Meshy top in several sizes, the Meshy skirt in several sizes, and an alpha layer.
Grab yours for 275$L.
It made me think of Harley Quinn instantly.
The boots are from Admit One and are their event exclusive for the Seraphim Social.
The Hitchhiker's Boots are Meshy boots and include the Meshy boots in several sizes and alpha layer.
Available in 4 Solid Colors, and 5 Split Colors.
Grab yours for 125$L per color, 400$L for the Solid color fat-pack, or 500$L for the Split color fat-pack.

Location: Sea Ranch
Poses: ::Axix:: untouchable pack
Not Free

Event items:
Purse:  Frogstar - Comic-al Purse #27 RARE
Ring: Frogstar - Comic-al Ring #15 ZAP! COMMON
Comic Fashion Fair exclusive!
50$L per play
24 commons, 3 rares. 
Wearable journals, rings, and one rare shoulder bag.
 The rares have a texture change menu that allows you to change the texture to any of the 12 available comic exclamations/sayings. 
Action words: Frogstar - Comic-al Exclamations
Comic Fashion Fair exclusive!
Wall decor in the shape of a comic book talk bubble.
 Has a texture change menu with 12 comic-al sayings and a  blank option.
Rezzes for 1 LI.
Skin: * Morphine : Sangreia Peach Skintone (Despair w/ Brow + CL)
Not Free, Comic Fashion Fair exclusive!
Nail Applier: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Halftone Havoc - B&W
Comic Fashion Fair exclusive!
Free gift!
Comes with 3 choices, and includes toe and fingernail appliers.
Ear Fish: [geek.] Mixed Translation Fish -Red-
Seraphim Social event exclusive!
8 colors to choose from.
100$L Per color.

Ball gag: Goth1c0: Polka Gage Ball - Red RARE
50$L Gacha prize.
Other items worn:
Hair: [LCKY] Glo - Disaster Pack
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Neko Luvers - Sapphire
Choker: *Milk* Spiked Choker Red (No longer Available)
Hammer: HeartPikopikoHammer - V 2.0 (No longer Available)

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