Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to offend women in 5 syllables or less.

When the princess you are betrothed to asks you "what else" when you say you want to marry her because she is beautiful, you do not say "what else is there?"
When you say what else is there you lose the girl.
When you lose the girl you get lonely.
When you get lonely you write a book.
A book that the princess reads while being sad
She's sad because you said....
Bringing more from the Fit for a Princess event!
Peqe's Princess... Or is she? dresses are amazing in detail and fit.
This is the Maleficent Dress, one of 11 styles offered.
Included in each dress is the Meshy dress in several sizes, removable Meshy sleeves in several sizes, and alpha layers.
Each dress is 400$L.
Calico released this gorgeous long flowing hair called Kismet.
Kismet is available in 15 color packs and is 250$L per pack.
Each pack includes a Meshy hair in 2 sizes, a tiara, and alpha layer.
Also included is a color change HUD for both the hair and the Tiara gems.
Showing here the Blacks pack, with purple gem.
Fat-pack available for 1,500$L.
Location: Sea Ranch

Poses: an lar [poses] The Spoiled Princess Series
50$L per pose, 200$L for pakc.
Pack includes 5 static poses with 5 mirrored poses.
Other things worn:
99$L per gacha play.
Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. Neko Luvers - Amethyst
Free group gift, fee to join.
Book: Frogstar - LIAGBG (Princess Ed.) #12 How to Offend Women
Fit for a Princess event exclusive, 35$L per gacha play.
Nail Applier: [ free bird ] SLINK Nail Hud Princess Pink RARE
Slink appliers ONLY, 50$L per gacha play. 
Jewels: Cae :: Duchess :: Set
Fit for a Princess event exclusive, not free.
All Fit for a Princess event exclusives
White princess shelf: .llama. Princess Bookshelf - White
99$L, also comes in wood color.
Bed: Positure Poses  - Sweet Pea
Poster: [ free bird ] Not Everyone Princess Canvas RARE
50$L per gacha Play.

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