Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Forged Sword Tavern

"Come in, sit down, t' bar be always open. 
 Can I interest you in some Grog? 
A Buttery Nipple perhaps? 
Ah, you be a gentlemen who likes a Slippery Bald Beaver! 
Let me get me mixin' book, and we'll have a great time!
 After all, every drink can be a Screamin' Orgasm"

The Fantasy Collective's new round is themed around pirates, and there are some amazing things there.
Frgostar brings us a pirate tavern setup that is amazingly designed, and detailed.
The Salty Pirate Tavern Set is available in 3 colors; Dark, Sun-Bleached, and Swamp.
Included in each color is a counter, table, bar stools, and 3 empty wall shelves.
Barstool has 12 animations - 4 female, 4 male, 4 unisex.
Each one of these is a 100% original Meshy design, and modifiable!
Showing here the Dark set 
Grab yours up for 175$L a color.
Everything rezzes for 1 LI each.
This setup shows 3 counters.
Something else from Frogstar for the Fantasy Collective is the awesome tavern sign up top.
The Salty Pirate Tavern Sign is another 100% original Meshy item, and is also modifiable.
Comes complete with 6 original tavern signs, and a blank option.
Also includes a blank template and AO texture so you can make your own sassy signs!
Grab it up for 100$L!
Rezzes for 1 LI.
Next we have a few things from Distorted Dreams.
The Captain's Quarters set includes poster (3 LI), wheel clock (1 LI), table with decor (4 LI), table with no decor (3 LI), chest (3 LI), rug (2 LI), throne (12 LI), 
Everything rezzes for 25 LI.
Showing the table decor, and the ship wheel.
Grab it up for 99$L for the entire set!

Other furniture: 
Crates: .a i s l i n g.  Magic Apples Crates
Barrels: .a i s l i n g. Barrels 
Frogstar - Mirror Mirror Cracked (Brass)
Not free

Location: Personal
Pose: Lalochezia Poses: Royal
Fit for a princess event exclusive.
Includes 5 static poses and 5 mirrored static poses.

Other items worn:
Skin: *Morphine: Juliana Peach Skintone (Skye/Black w/ CL)
Monochromatic Fair event exclusive.
Available in 3 tones; Peach, Medium, and Tan.
Includes 2 skin versions (Bare, and 1 makeup options), appliers for boobs and butts, shape, eyes, and more.
Slink appliers sold separately.
493$L per pack.
Hair: Exile::Shine
blondes pack, not free.
Past Arcade gacha item
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Neko Luvers - Sapphire
Free group gift, fee to join.
Not Free
Dress: MI960053 High Seas Pirate Corset 
Past full perm free on Marketplace, now 300$L.
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Flutter boots raven
Not Free
Facial Piercing: Cute Poison - Genera Piercing
Suicide Dollz event exclusive.
Includes 100% original Meshy piercing, modifiable.
Also includes color change HUD with 3 color options.

Crown: [Keystone] Bryre Crown
Fantasy Collective event exclusive.

100% original Meshy crown,  features a color change HUD with lots of color choices.
The rope, gems, and the crown it's self is all color change.

Nail Applier: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Bold Crucifix - Goth
Cosmetic fair event exclusive.
Includes toenail and fingernail appliers.

Book: Frogstar - LIAGBG (Spring Break Ed.) #3 RARE
Spring Break Fair event exclusive.
Lost in a Good Book Gacha (Spring Break Edition) 
 35$L per gacha play.
15 to collect.
12 common, 3 rare.

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