Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Waiting for the opportune moment

Leaving the Labyrinth was an almost impossible thought....almost.
She neared the last wall and could hear the forces tracking her to the very spot.
They were coming from every direction and she would be caught soon....
She went....up?


Face Makeup: Pin Me Down - Erius in midnight 1
Available in 5 color packs, each with 5 colors included on a makeup layer.
Sets 1 and 5 are charity items, with 50% going to charity.
This is part of set 1.
150$L per set
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Midnight Eyes - Indigo (Large)
Includes 12 colors, 2 color HUDs, 3 sizes for each color, and alpha layer.
Includes base layer eyes, Mesh and prim attachments.
2 versions available, black or white sclera.
100% Donation - 150$L
New releases - 

Skin: * Morphine : Ghail Ivory Skintone (Shrouded/LightBrow w/CL)
Ghail is available in 3 tones; Native, Medium, and Ivory.
In each tone is available in 5 makeup packs including JUST the natural skintone for 495$L and the Natural skintone + ONE makeup style for 695$L.
Included in each makeup pack are 10 full skins with different options (breast, etc), eyes, shapes, and appliers for boobs and butts.
Slink Appliers sold separately for 150$L each(Foot&hand), and includes appliers for each tone
Full armor outfit: [Gauze] Fenrir Armor Set - Female - Gaia
This Meshy/base layer outfit includes the Meshy body suit and fur collar with applier for Tangos, boots, hands/gloves (With 6 hand positions and claws), shoulders (Includes HUD for tint and other adjustments), and pants (2 options, and appliers for Cute/Phat Azz).
Available in 6 colors.
650$L Per color.
Other event items - 

Build: A.D.D.Andel! It's Further Than You Think: Skysphere
Serafilms event exclusive!
57 LI
Demo available at event.
Arm band: Frogstar - Marauder's Arm Wrap #14 RARE
Fantasy gacha Carnival event exclusive!
Gacha style 
25$L per play
12 commons, 2 rare arm wraps w/color change gem menu to win.
Necklace: Frogstar - Marauder's Choker #26 RARE
Fantasy gacha Carnival event exclusive!
Gacha style.
24 common circlets, 2 rare chokers w/color change gem menu to win.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Thelma [w/o headband]
Collabor88 event exclusive!
Available in 8 color packs, 188$L each.
 Includes two sizes, color change headband and option without headband
Variety pack for 288$L, or Fat-pack for 888$L
Other items worn -
Lips: * Morphine : Ghail's Lips (Burgundy Dark w/ Teeth)
Not Free
Not Free
Bow/quiver: [Gauze] Fantasy Faire - Huntsman Bow & Quiver Set
No longer available.

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