Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alice's chicken adventure.

Alice's new adventure in Wonderland takes her to the outskirts where she must find and capture the elusive Ma Poule.
25- for - 25:
Only available at these prices until 6-26-14
Dress: PANTSU*HUNTER strawberry milkshake snow
Available in 4 colors. 
Includes Meshy dress in several sizes, and alpha layer.
70$L per color.
Freckles: Fable Tale - Doll Freckles v1-Full
Includes 4 makeup layer freckle options.
left, right, mid, and full versions, all tintable.
50$L for pack.
Shoes: *~*HopScotch*~*  Ayana Red
Slink Mid feet add-on.
Nail Applier: Frogstar - Pixie Polish 
Includes both finger and toenail appliers for Slink.
8 colors included.
Poses: Le Poppycock *Ma Poule* 
Includes 5 poses, with 5 props.
50$L for pack
Other event items - 

Skin: Lumae ~ Odette : 4 - Honey / Nude{Mid Cleavage} LUCKY
Available as an event exclusive at the Sex Sells Gacha event.
2 playable gacha machines, one with Honey tone, one with Cookie tone.
There are 10 regular and 1 Rare in both machines.
Each prize contains 1 mid cleavage version of the skin, with no freckles or
eyebrow options.  
There are also eyelash tattoo layers included.
100$L per play.
Not available until July 1st!
Ears: Ariskea { Usagi ears } Cutie Pink
Available as an event exclusive at the Manga Fair event.
Not available until July 1st!
Hair: .Olive. the Eilfie Hair - Sleepy Reds
Available as an event exclusive at the Arcade event.
15 in total to collect, 13 commons and 2 rares.
Includes meshy hair, alpha layer, and color change HUD.
50$L per gacha play.
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion - SugarRush - Candy Floss
Available as an event exclusive at the Arcade event.
13 in total to collect, 10 commons and 3 rares.
75$L per gacha play.
Other things worn - 

Monocle: .DirtyStories. Cutie Monocle (Not Free)
Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. Neko Luvers - Jade (Free group gift, fee to join)
Heart Necklace: O.M.E.N - Sleeping Beauty's Pendant - Pink (Past Enchantment prize, N/A)
Bottle Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Wonderland Elixir - Drink Me - SILVER (Not Free)

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