Monday, June 16, 2014

Rhapsody Poster!

So with Rhapsody closely approaching, store designers were asked if they wanted to purchase a poster for the event. 
Ravenna from Frogstar said yes, and then decided to invite Del of Seraphim and I to be in her band for the photo.
(I'm on the left if you haven't already noticed by the lack of shirt!)
(Ravenna is in the middle, she makes things, pretty things!)
(And Del is on the right, she co runs Seraphim, that little event coverage site you are all always lookin at!)
I take no credit for this poster what so ever, except maybe the styling of the things I am wearing.
Here are the credits:

Rhapsody Music Poster - Frogstar

Rhapsody is coming!
 A music filled event representing 8 distinctive genres of music to inspire creators. 
But some of our creators inspired us... and here is one of many artist/band posters inspired by their genres and the lovely people in them.
Genre: Classic Rock
Store: Frogstar
Store Owner: Ravenna Rossini
At Rhapsody, June 28th 12:00PM SLT
Classic Rock Artist Inspiration: Janis Joplin & The Grateful Dead
Photography by Strawberry Singh
Poster Design by Anya Ohmai

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