Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shut up and drive!

Got you where you wanna go if you know what i mean
Got a ride that smoother than a limousine
Can you handle the curves? Can you run all the lights?
If you can baby boy then we can go all night

Cos I'm 0 to 60 in three point five
Baby you got the keys-

Now shut up and drive
(drive, drive, drive)
The first round of Level Up starts TOMORROW at noon SLT!
I'm super excited for this event, and the blog previews are FANTASTIC!
Outfit: .The Sugar Garden. Racer Girl Dress - Hot Pink
Available in 10 colors.
Includes Meshy outfit in several sizes, and an alpha layer.
450$L per color.
Shoes: Frogstar - Flame On #2 Hot Pink RARE
Available in 10 colors.
8 common, 2 rare to collect.
50$L per gacha play.
Nail Applier: {Wicked} Peach - Checkered Nail Appliers
Includes toes and fingernail appliers.
6 colors included.
Necklace: Cae :: Flame :: Necklace
Includes necklace and color change HUD with 10 gem colors and 2 metal colors.
There are 3 gems that can each change individually.
Goggles: Violent Seduction - Motoring Goggles (Candy)
Available in 13 colors.
Includes Meshy goggles for wear, 1 LI display version in leather case, and color change HUD with an array of lens colors and styles.
200$L per color.
Other things worn -
Poses: .mien. [ early ]
Available as an event exclusive at the Pose Me Amazing event.
Includes 6 static poses and their static mirrors.
Hair: Exile::London to L.A.: 1. Blacks (L.A.)
Arcade event exclusive.
Includes Meshy hair in 2 styles, 2 pairs sunglasses, color change HUD, and alpha layers. 
10 Commons, 5 Rares to collect.
100$L per play.
Skin: * Morphine : Victoria Peach Skintone (Shade/LBrown)
Available in 3 tones; Peach, Tan, and Brown.
Available in 5 makeup options per tone.
Includes 10 skin bases with options (breasts, brows, etc), appliers for boobs and butts, eyes, shape, and brow shaper.
350$L per tone/makeup.
Slink Appliers sold separately, she is 2nd wave series.
Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. Neko Luvers - Sapphire
Free group gift, fee to join.
Eyeshadow: * Morphine : Freya Dainty EyeShadows (Heather)
Part of pack, N/A.
Lips: * Morphine : Ghail's Pink Lips (Glow Darker)
Part of pack, N/A.
Car: ::HH:: Hucci Roadster - Midnight
Past Arcade event item, N/A.

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