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3 wise Rooks...and 50k

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The Rooks of the Black King's castle are the wisest of the land.
Each one, having 1 of there 5 senses removed, with the other 4 becoming heightened.
The reasoning behind the removal? 
Each one sided with the Red Queen when the war broke out, they still retain the heart marks on their cheeks.
Castle, the ability to speak was removed.
Tower, the ability to hear was removed.
Fortress, the ability to see was removed.
They only travel together, and are never seen apart.
The Items - 

Dress: Poute- Rook Gown
Available as an event exclusive for The Month Of Games.
Includes Meshy dress in several sizes and an alpha layer.
Skin: Lumae~Delphine:1-Icing /Versailles{Mid Cleavage/LB}
Available as an event exclusive for Genre.
Available in 8 skin tones.
Includes 6 skin bases(Eyebrows, cleavage, etc), cleavage add - ons, appliers for Loud Mouth, and Slink Visage, and more.
100$L per tone.
Slink hand/feet appliers sold separately.
Hair: [Gauze] Harley
Available as an event exclusive for Hair Fair.
15% Donated to Wigs for Kids.
Includes Meshy hair, color change HUD.
300$L per color pack, or 2,500$L for bulk pack.
Eye/mouth/ear cover: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Silent Serenity 
Includes full set, individual pieces, alpha layer for ears, and HUD with 5 base colors and 5 corner colors.
HUD also features Info, re-size, script delete, and pose options.
Midnight Mania Prize, Target of 50 players so make you sure you slap it!
(Found on 2nd floor of the middle building)
Pin Me Down - All about the liner - Mist
Pin Me Down - All about the eyes - Mist
Available as an event exclusive for Oh My gacha.
19 prizes in total.
8 eyes and 8 eyeliners, all in matching colors.
The rare prizes are; A fatpack of the eyes, a fatpack of the liners, and a box with everything in it.
30$L per play.
Nail Applier: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Riveting Wreckage
Available as an event exclusive for Cosmetic Fair.
Includes toes and fingernail appliers.
Arm jewelry:
. aisling . Tallulah Gacha - Bracers Black (Common)
. aisling . Tallulah Gacha - Arms Black (Common)
Available as an event exclusive at The Secret Affair.
12 items to collect, 9 commons and 3 rares.
Includes color change HUD.

Pose: RACK Poses - Veni, vidi, vici! Female Pose #3
Past gacha prize, N/A.

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