Friday, July 11, 2014

Save the date, it's summer vacation!

Save The Date is a new upcoming bi-monthly event that will cycle through different concepts such as: Gacha, semi-exclusive/exclusive, price reduction, hunts etc.
Designers from around the grid gather under 1 theme.
and the theme this round is - 
July 10th - 31st "Summer Vacation"

Everything from this round will have a summertime feel to it.
Furniture, clothing, makeup, anything and everything you could think of is here!
Make sure you take your limo here ↓ and get there fast!
Grill/plate/cooler: Kei - Spot BBQ Grills & Coolers 
Includes a blue and a yellow grill, each rezzes for 4 LI and include 2 couple and 2 single poses.
Includes 1 beer, 1 soda, and 1 beer&soda cooler, dispenses wearable/drinkable items that poof when done drinking, rezzes for 2LI.
Also includes 1 platter that gives burgers, rezzes for 1 LI.
125$L for the pack.
Picnic table: Kei - Spot  Picnic Table (texture change version) 
Includes picnic table with 6 animations per seat, and is color change with 7 colors per section for mix and match colors!
Also includes a watermelon cutting board and hamburger plate that gives food and drinks.
175$L for the pack.
Lounges/side table/wind sheet: N4RS South Beach Lounger 
Includes lounger, decor flip flops, beer glass, and side table.
Full version with texture changer, 76 animations in adult version, M/F or M/M available 
2,699$L each. 
Full PG version with texture changer, 28 animations.
Anchor Cabinets:  BananaN 
Anchor cabinet zigzag
Anchor cabinet Waves
Anchor cabinet under the sea.
Available in 3 styles, 3 colors per style pack.
Rezes for 1 LI each, 199$L per pack.
Sea horse lights: BananaN
Seahorse wall light zigzag
Seahorse wall light Waves
Seahorse wall light Under the Sea
Available in a 3 pack with all 3 styles includes.
Reazzes for 2 LI each, 199$L for pack.
Beach rules: [Dier] Beach Rules / White
REzes for 1 LI, 65$L.

Star frame (table): ~BLD~ Mesh Star Table Top Picture Frame - Safari Crocodile Skin
Includes 5 colors in 1 pack.
Rezzes for 1 LI each, 80$L.
Couch/ottoman/cabinet/rug/whale/lifesaver ring: [Fetch] Sunshine Set 
Includes chair (2 LI) and ottoman (3 LI) with 15 poses each,
cabinet (2 LI), rug (1 LI), and wall decor (1-2 LI)
150$L for the pack.

Star frame: ~BLD~ Mesh star wall frame - Black Glitz
Includes 3 colors in 1 pack.
Rezzes for 1 LI each, 100$L.
Bench swings: Frogstar - Garden Party Bench Poster (Light)
Available in dark and light wood variations.
Materials enabled, 4 animated couple poses and 6 singles poses in each seat, 5 seats included.
175$L per color, rezzes for 16 LI.
Inner tubes: Kei - Spot  Tubing It Gacha
8 in total to win, 6 commons, 1 rare, and 1 ultra rare.
75$L per gacha play, 1 LI for commons, 8 LI for rares.

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