Friday, August 8, 2014

Frogstar is looking for bloggers!


A little bit about my brand:

- Frogstar is owned by the avatar Ravenna Rossini in Second Life.
- Frogstar is an original mesh brand that focuses on furniture, builds (outdoor/skyboxes), jewelry, accessories, and SLINK shoes.
- A lot of my items incorporate some of my own quirky sense of humor.
- I'm self-taught in mesh and love growing my brand and improving my mesh skills. I can see myself improving month after month and that's a huge reason why I love Second Life and what it allows me to do.

A little bit about what I do/don't expect from my bloggers:

- I don't expect you to blog items that you don't like or that don't match your personal style or the style of your blog.
- I don't expect you to blog a specified number of my items every month. I'm very easygoing.
- I do expect you to blog at least a few things periodically. If I send you all of my items for six months and you haven't generated any blog posts with any of the content, that's not professional, if you were the one to approach me to request to blog my brand. If there's a reason, just let me know. "I'm moving IRL" or "I'm on vacation/busy/etc for the next month" takes two seconds!
- I do encourage feedback on my items or suggestions for new releases.

Here are my posts featuring some items from Frogstar, just to get a basic idea;

Apply today, no SL group slot required! 

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