Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Isle of Myrth

Once upon a time a sort of elegant and wondrous magic was common in the realms of Second Life where one could wander an enchanted forest, hang out with friends or do a bit of shopping. . and it was easy to find these places of dreams but over time people stopped believing and while a few remain, slowly bit by bit these grand places began to fade until they were all but abandoned and lost to us.
Recently a small tremble has shaken the lands and the wild magic has returned to open a new small portal into faerie, a place of dreams and myth, a place where mere mortals are ensorcelled and the fae return to reign. 
Isle of Myrth invites you to join us in paying tribute to all of those wonderful fantasmagorical places of the past and join us in our exciting new adventure where we bring together a collection of some of the most inspiring fantasy creators on the grid and celebrate all things fae and unnatural.

Offering up not just an event, but also a permanent fantasy market, this takes us back to the way the sims were in the "old" days of SL exploration.
You could get lost on the sim itself, it's gorgeous, and it's definitely for the fantasy lovers.
You first arrive at Castle Myrth, where the permanent designer stalls are located.
The castle is huge, amazingly detailed, and a perfect place for a royal picture shoot.
(They are still looking for merchants and bloggers if anyone reading is interested, links are at the bottom of the post.)

After you have wandered the castle and looked at the shops, make your way out the front door in to the Faerie Gardens.
Complete with floating islands, hidden areas, and most of all, places to do some street vendor shopping.
Adventure further out and find the hidden nooks and crannies of Faerie, you'll never know what could waiting you just around that mushroom, it might even be a store called Southpaw if you look far enough.
Southpaw specializes in fantasy accessories like jewelry and add-ons, as well as amazingly detailed elf ears.
Southpaw is an older store name in Sl, it's been around for a bit, but the owner took a RL hiatus for a while and has finally come back!
My favorite place of finding has been the little house on the floating isle.
It's got 2 separate floors you can TP into, and it spirals up, up, and up until you reach the blue petal part on the side!
So make sure you check out Isle of Myrth and sneak a peek at all the beautiful places that are going to be offered year round, with more added everyday.
Take pictures, bring the family, and enjoy a day just having the experience.
The sim is now open to the public, human and fantasy alike.
And while you're there, say hello to the fairies, good fortune is said to come to those who believe.
Official website - Here
Event Schedule - Here
Blogger application - Here
Designer application (Event) - Here
Designer application (Sim Store) - Here

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