Monday, August 18, 2014

Thumb drives, and a caffeine addiction.

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Gamers normally have 2 addictions:

The games they play
Caffeinated beverages 

Whether it's coffee, energy drinks, or shots of energy boosters, we all use them, and we all need them to function in a 12 hour raid with 27 wipes on the last boss.

When the newest round of Genre started, I didn't think there would be anything I would want, seeing as it's all for petites this round. 
I own a petite avatar, but I've used it all of 1 time and just never found it as impressive as my full sized avatar.
I went and looked around at Genre, just to see what was available, and I have to say it's all really cute stuff...and then I saw a new creator there called SquishyFluff.

SquishyFluff made 3 items for petites; a cuddle rug, nerdy panties and....a caffeine molecule necklace.
The best thing about these items?
They are also for biggie size avatars, AND the panties come with appliers for those big ol' meshy butts!
The Caffeine Molecule necklace is a 100% original Meshy necklace and is available in a pack with 3 colors(gold/silver/black) and includes a HUD for easy color change and a petite/biggie size.
 Grab yours up and get addicted for 75$L.
The Nerdy Panties are available in a pack of 3 choices(USB/Wifi/Power) and includes base layer bottoms and appliers for a lot of butts and some bodies.
The pack of panties can be yours for 50$L.
These panties are a great way to show your new "person of interest" just how much of a nerd you can be!
L. Warwick, the maker of unbelievably sexy shoes released a new pair of shoes called Cordelia for La Metallique Fair by L'accessoires.
This fair centers around everything metallique and shiny and Cordelia is just the shoe to show off.
Cordelia is available in 10 striking colors and includes the meshy shoes for Slink HIGH feet only and a shoe shaper.
Grab up Cordelia for 275$L a pair and make a statement in every outfit!
Poses today are from Mien.
These are available at an amazing fundraiser for Ulaa Coronet to see her mother who is terminally ill with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Ulaa can't afford to travel the miles to see her on her own, and designers, friends, and strangers alike have all come together to help fulfill her wish to see her mother before she doesn't have the option. 
Available in both Blue and Purple, these rezz for 2 LI each and include 6 static poses.
Grab them up for 100$L for the set and help Ulaa see her mother!
You can find the details of the gofundme here: and you can read about the fundraising event, see who’s participating here:

The Items - 
Pose:   .mien.  Ulaa (blue)
*Fundraiser Item*
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yin hair
Panties: SquishyFluff- Talk nerdy panties - USB
Necklace: SquishyFluff- Caffeine molecule necklace
Shoes: L. Warwick Cordelia -Platform Heels- Noir Steel 
Makeup: ~*Souzou Eien*~Wicked Goth Eyeliner (White/Tintable)
Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (Piercing)
Eyes: [Gauze] Elemental-Aqua-Human
Nail Applier: {Wicked} Peach - Unicorn Jizz Nail Appliers  RARE (Not yet in store)
Earrings:  Cute Poison - Rebel Earrings(Not Free)
Skin: -Glam Affair - Oakley - Cocktail Girl - Asia A (Not Free)
Top: [geek.] Roadie Shirt - [CSS to my HTML] (Not Free)
Hearts above head: BluPrintz - HP Hearts (Not Free)

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