Monday, August 18, 2014

Thumb drives, and a caffeine addiction - Furniture post

Read the fashion post here- 
Bed: Kalopsia - Le Lit de la Marquise (Black)
Available in the main store for 100$L
Headboard is removable.
Rezzes for 27 LI
Dresser/Cushy chair/rug: [Fetch] Tiffany Set
Available in the main store for 150$L
Includes Meshy chair, dresser, and rug.
Chair - 2 LI (also includes 18 solo poses)
Dresser - 5 LI
Rug - 1 LI
Chair/stand: [Fetch] August set
Available in the main store for 200$L.
Includes Meshy chair and side table with and with out decorations.
Chair - 5 LI (also includes 12 solo poses)
Table - 3 LI
Pillows: [Fetch]  Lazy Pillow
Available in the main store for 150$L
13 solo poses, 21 cuddles, 6 textures, 1 LI
Pouffe: .mien.  Ulaa (blue)
These are available at an amazing fundraiser for Ulaa Coronet to see her mother who is terminally ill with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Ulaa can't afford to travel the miles to see her on her own, and designers, friends, and strangers alike have all come together to help fulfill her wish to see her mother before she doesn't have the option. 
Available in both Blue and Purple, these rezz for 2 LI each and include 6 static poses.
Grab them up for $L and help Ulaa see her mother!
You can find the details of the gofundme here: and you can read about the fundraising event, see who’s participating here:

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