Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today's Furry Fashion look -The Harmony of Esme

So, on top of being a blogger, blogger manager, and an all around busy bee, I'm also a model at Furry Fashion.
Furry Fashion is a..well, a furry friendly fashion mall, with Furry Fashion being the main designer.
You can find everything there from pants, to tops, skirts, and even some accessories.
And around in the mall you can find mods, and even the main furry avatars themselves for sale.
So, I'm going to try and do a post about the things I was modeling for the day, just to share with all of you.
Note, these can be worn by human avies too!

So, here's the look for the day - 
Avatar: Curious Chinchilla with Maine Coon Mod (Not Free)

Hair: [LCKY] Lynlee (Not free)

Skirt: ~Furry Fashion~ Esme Skirt
Includes Meshy Skirt in several sizes, alpha layer, and color change HUD with 8 color choices.

Shirt: ~Furry Fashion~ Harmony Lingerie
Includes Meshy Shirt in several sizes, base layer panties, alpha layer, and color change script with several colors to choose from.

Necklace: ~Furry Fashion~ Hoopa & Chains Necklace
meshy necklace with color change HUD with 9 color choices.

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