Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Left in the attic (Fashion)

There's a little creepy house
In a little creepy place
Little creepy town
In a little creepy world
Little creepy girl 
With her little creepy face
♪ ♫

More goodies for you from the Tag Gacha event, and a newly opened fair called the Creepy cutie carnival.
Spellbound has out for their Tag Gacha item, a super cute cut hairstyle, with a big vinyl, color change bow!
The Velvet hairstyle is available for 50$L per play, and there are 15 common hair colors, and 2 rare color packs, and 1 mystery prize.
Each color comes with a big vinyl bow with a HUD included to pink 1 of 8 colors to wear.
Velvet would look ADORABLE with any outfit!
One of my personal favorite designers to participate in this round of Genre is Squishyfluff.
They have 2 collars out as their androgynous items, and each one is hand made, AND very well done!
The Chained Pet Collar includes both a scripted, and non scripted versions, and is only 50$L.
yes, 50$L for BOTH versions, and it looks OUTSTANDING with any outfit!
Make sure you grab it up before the event ends.
Creepy Cutie Carnival started on October the 19th, and they have lots of great designers and one of those designers is Ama.
Ama provides a couple of different items, including 2 sets of nail polishes for Slink, and a facial tattoo.
I'm showing today, one of 2 of those nail polishes.
The Trick Or Treat nail polish includes both hand/feet appliers for nails, and features 5 polishes to chose from.
This set is 49$L, which is a STEAL for these and they would make the perfect addition to any Halloween themed outfit!

Get the look - 
*When you click the tag Gacha under the pics, it takes you to their gacha keys!*

Skin: [PixyStix] Ama Nude Skin (Creamy Pink Nipple)
*Not yet released*

Hair/bow: +Spellbound+ Velvet // Natural Ombres & Dips

Eyes: Clem's Scorn Scoped Eye

Nail applier: Ama. : Slink Polish: Trick Or Treat 

Dress: *[Eclat]* Eva_Black&White

Earrings: (Yummy) Monster Party Earrings - Batty

Shoes: The Secret Store - Juicy Spooky Heels - Kawaii Bat

Mask: ~*Souzou Eien.*~The Biter Mask & Harness (New)

Collar: Squishyfluff- Chained pet collar - Monochrome [OC]

Cat: The Sugar Garden -  Persian Kitten - Sasha

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