Monday, October 6, 2014

Looking for potions (Fashion)

Seller of fine and exotic mystical items, the Apothecary shop holds items not frequently seen.
Poisons from around the world, coffins with all luxuries you could want, zombie items (fresh brains anyone?), medicinal cures for every ailment, even things for necromancers and witches. 
Penny is the shop keeper, she'll help you find anything you desire.
Just don't say anything in her shop is "spoopy" or you might wind up with a bat in your mouth!
Lumae has out the wicked sexy Evie skins for their item for Sex Sells Gacha, Halloween edition.
Evie is available in 3 separate gachas, each with a different tone.
Tones 2 (Cream),4(Honey), and 6(Cookie) are 75$L per play and there are 10 different styles PER gacha. That's 30 skins to win!
Each one includes just he skin base, and appliers are all sold in store.
Best part about them all, besides the wicked makeup?
That's right, no rares.
Meaning you have an equal shot at every machine to get the makeup you WANT in whatever tone you'd like.
This outfit I am wearing, is GORGEOUS!
It's a new release from FDD for the next round of Totally Top Shelf.
Totally Top Shelf went a different route for their "Halloween" month round and went back to Jack the Ripper days with their theme of "London calling".
You'll find everything from clothing, poses, furniture, and everything else in between.
The venue is AMAZING, and you'll feel like you were transported back to the days of Jack the Ripper.

FDD's Penny outfit is a gacha outfit with 7 prizes in total, the dress being the rare.
Included in the gacha is the long Meshy FITMESH dress and alpha layer, ring, earrings, undershirt(Clothing Layer), cuffs, headpiece, and necklace.
Each play is 75$L, and there is a demo of the dress.
Totally Top Shelf opens October 6th.

The Items -

Poses: .mien. {nena}
*Alta Feria*
Includes 6 static poses, 100$L for the pack, or 30$L each.
Skin: Lumae ~ Evie : 2 - Cream / SSH 10 {Mid Cleavage}
*Sex Sells Gacha*

Hair/hat: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Little witch hair-Fatpack
*RMK Gothic
Not Free
Available in several color packs, includes color change HUD with option to remove hat.

Eyes: [Gauze] Elemental-Natura-Hybrid
*Not free, part of pack*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Punpkin Skin
*Pumpkin Town*
Includes both appliers for Slink hands/feet.
Dress/necklace/ring/headpiece/cuffs: FDD GS *Penny*
*Totally Top Shelf*

Shoes: 7 Exits Eden *Platinum*
*My Slink Obsession*
Slink HIGH feet only, available in Platinum and Gold color.
*245$L, per color*

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