Sunday, October 12, 2014

Solaris - Goddess of the sun

Fallen Gods Inc. has out a new skin in their Lucky Fortune Teller and it is GORGEOUS.
wait, did I say skin?
that's right, a FULL avatar.
This prize, when you match 100% with another random avatar, includes not only skins, but appliers, nail polishes, hair, clothing, accessories, oh and everything for BOTH male AND females.

So, drag your friends, parents, kids, significant others, or just a random person off the street and pop on over to Fallen Gods Inc. and see what the fortune says for you!

Get the look -
Full Avatar: SOLARIS female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortunes Ed.
Match 100% with someone on the Lucky Fortune teller and get this stunning full avatar.
Includes full avatars for BOTH male AND females, appliers, nail polishes, hair, skins, accessories, clothing and more.

Hand Particles/pose: Included in (*chanimations Sourceress (SET 7) - "Of Fire and Ice..."
*Not Free*

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