Friday, October 3, 2014

TAG, you're it!

Coming October 17th, a new way to gacha....
TAG Gacha: Haunted Studio, brought to you by Gachatopia.
This two week Halloween event will involve a HUD based experience that brings players to mainstores, instead of an event venue.
This will mean LESS LAG for the shoppers in you!
*Join the Gachatopia group to get early access!!*

Players begin at Gachatopia where they receive a Free Game HUD. The game HUD will take them to a “random” store effectively spreading players out across sims and avoiding the usual event pile up that happens when a new event starts. When they arrive at a store they will find there, a Gacha machine and a Tag! board. 
The machine is only playable with the HUD. 

All items in the machines are NEW and EXCLUSIVE items for this event only, and each machine includes a rare mystery prize, a coupon to be used for the secret prize room.
Players must tag all stores before they can unlock the coupon redemption room at the end. 
The redemption room will have all of the mystery prizes on display in some form.
 It is there they can view the items or redeem coupons they have collected for the duration of the event. 
The mystery item will be retired after the event and coupons will not be redeemable after the event. 
Players have two weeks to collect as many as they want from the machines before the redemption room disappears.

Event Dates -
Opens: October 17th at 12am slt
Closes October 31st at 12am slt

Official site:
Flickr Group(Features WIPs and where you can add your own pics of the event!):

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