Thursday, November 20, 2014

Apocalypse living 101: Fashion

In the event of an apocalypse, one must not only find the necessary guns and bullets, but also a place to keep safe and warm.
One must have food, shelter, water, medicine.
The most basic of items can become bartering chips to other survivors, and your safe haven can become the safe haven for not just you, but to anyone you choose to let up.
The new round of Genre started on the 15th, and this round is a great theme to play around with!
It's Post Apocalyptic theme and there are an AMAZING amount of items to get you through your virtual apocalypse.
Starting with the skin from Lumae.
The Star skin is a new skin line making it's debut in the Apoc makeup style.
Available in 8 tones, Star/Apoc includes 4 face makeup styles (scar/dark/light makeup/bare), shape, loudmouth applier, cleavage options, eyelashes.
All other appliers sold separately in mainstore.
Each tone is 100$L.
Squishy Fluff is in this round of Genre as well, offering 2 brand new 100% original meshy content items.
Squishy Fluff made a fantastic flask for carrying the most prized of drinking possessions, water/alcohol not included!
The battered leather flasks include both arm versions and a bonus leg flask versions. 
Included is also a color change HUD, allowing for the change of not only the leather and the clasps, but the flask it'self!
3 colors for each is included, and I went with the black leather/silver flask and accents for this outfit.
99$L gets you this great accessory!

For their second item, Squishy Fluff made the Shin Kicker boots, and they are an absolute must grab up for the on the run apocalyptic-o.
Shin Kickers come in one size, and are easily adjustable to fit all mesh bodies!
Grab them up for $L in the Mono tone, black goes with everything!
One of the best things about these boots is they are only 75$L!
Pick up your bats from Souzou Eien and keep them by your pillow as you sleep.
Be prepared to beat off those zombies and looters with 4 different bats to choose from, affectionately called "Vera and her little sisters"
Today I am showing you Vera in the bloody version.
Vera is the older, spiked sister bat, also includes a cleaner, non bloody version as well.
Here's the list of the sisters, and their "special" talents:
Vera: Spiked
Jennifer: Basic
Helga: Studded 
Betsy: Nailed
Each one includes the bloody and the clean versions, and there is also available a fat-pack of the sister so you can get the whole family!
Each separate sister is 50$L, while the whole family is 100$L.
That's like buying 2 and getting the other 2 free!

(This is also a prop, and does no damage what so ever, except maybe in your imagination)
There are also props and furniture/decor items available this round, which will be in the next post!

Get the look! - 

Poses: .mien. [gimme shelter]
Includes rezzable shelter and 5 static poses.
Skin: Lumae ~ Star : 4 - Honey / Apoc - Full None + Scar {Mid Cleavage}

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreads line - Rumple

Eyes: [Brixley] October Eyes - evergreen
*Not Free*
Nail Applier: {Wicked} Peach - Winter Basics Nail Appliers
Includes both Belleza and Slink versions
*Not Free*

Top: Razor /// Shadow Step Shrug - Black
*Not free, part of the Shadow Step outfit*

Skirt: =Mirage= Apocalypse Skirt - Heavy Grunge
100$L, several meshy sizes included and an alpha layer.

Necklace: DRD - post apocalytpic nerd - neckwrap red

Bat: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Vera - Spiked Bat (Bloody)

Boots:  --[SquishyFluff]--Shin kicker boot - mono
Flask: --[SquishyFluff]-- Battered leather flasks (Arm, R)

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