Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cirque De Seraphim - The circus grounds

The citizens of the Cirque, when not performing their daily acts, can be found on the Cirque's main living area.
Every tent houses a different Cirque citizen, multiples in one sometimes. 
Come by sometime and check out their living areas, most are welcoming, and may even dress you up in character with them!
Boogers - 
100$L each, 50% Donation.
Tent Rezzes for 4 LI, Cart for 2 LI
 Circus Tent Color
Circus Tent B/W
Circus Cart B/W
Circus Tent W/B
 Circus Cart Color
Circus Cart W/B

Fetch -
 250$L, 50% donation
Includes all items, plus a pre-set set up.
14 LI together.

Abandoned Track
Abandoned Sign
Abandoned Coaster Chair
Abandoned Wheel Table
Big Top Backstage - juggler
100$L, Rezzes for 3 LI

Big Top Backstage - barrels & stuff
150$L, Rezzes for 2 LI

Big Top Backstage - strongman
100$L, Rezzes for 1 LI

Big Top Backstage - double vanity
300$L, 50% Donation, and includes clown makeup kit.
Rezzes for 3 LI, and 1 LI.

Tarte - 475$L for full set, 50% Donation, or buy them individually:
repurposed unicycle - 175$L
2 LI
circus marquee - 150$L
2 LI
crystal ball - 100$L, 50% Donation
1 LI
umbrella lights - 150$L
4 LI

Breathe - All items on 50% Donation.
Circus Barrel Brown
Circus Barrel Pink
150$L each, 1 LI

Heart Chest Pink
 Heart Chest Green
200$L each, 2 LI

Cirque de la vie Chest
Travel Chest
150$L each, 1 LI
Kissing Booth: Frogstar - Kissing Booth (Purple)
150$L per color, 3 colors to choose from, 50% donation.
Rezzes for 3 LI.

Chair: %Percent - Rita's Burlesque Chair (left) *MESH*
300$L each color, 3 colors to choose from.
Includes 14 sit poses and wearables, rezzes for 4 LI.

Seal Sign: [ free bird ] Circus Seal Animated Neon Sign
150$L, 50% Donation, 4 LI.

Branch Chair: {anc} cocktailbird / nestchair : white / 2Li RARE
Birds: {anc} cocktailbird/ bird:white:stand /wear&rez 3Li (move) RARE
*Fantasy gacha Carnival*

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