Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm calling London.

It's the only thing some of us have.
Hope for a new job.
Hope for a lasting relationship.
Hope for a cure.

Many of you know of the store in Second Life called Alouette.
It's a home store with buildings, furniture and decor for your everyday home needs.
Amy, also known as Scarlet Chandrayaan in Second Life, is the owner of this small and growing business.
As a 26 year old, Amy was planning on moving interstate (London to be exact), to be with her boyfriend, ready to start her life with the person she wants to be with most, and then she received the news.
The cancer she had fought before was back, and this time it had a vengeance.
The Doctor's have given her 2 years to live if she keeps her life the way it is now.
No one should get this news, whether you are 26 or 96, it's a terrible thing to have to hear.
Amy is soldering on through it, making the best of what she has, and we are hoping she will fight this off and be here for many years to come!
Leaf on the Wind is a charity event created to help Amy make her dream come true and send her to London!
Creators from all over the grid have made specially "London" themed items for the event and making them a donation item.
The event will run from January 10th through to February 1st of 2015. Stores that will be involved in the event may also have donation kiosks in their store if you wish to start donating in advance.
LotW has already raised over 200,000$L, with the event not even starting until the 10th.
That's a pretty damn fantastic turnout if you ask me! 
Her is the official site if you want to know more, keep up to date, or just look at what they have so far.↓

Amy, I wish you all the hope and miracles the world has to offer.
Get better lady, you mean a lot to a lot of people!
Akira Voorhees

The build -
House: Scarlet Creative Cabin in the Forest
*Not Free*

Bed/nightstand/wall lamps: [Fetch] Cabin Fever set
Rezzes for 15 Land Impact as set.
PG and Adult sets available.

Dresser/poster:  [Fetch] Amy's Dresser set
*150$L, 50% Donation*
Rezzes for 3 Land Impact as set.

Butler: Mutresse - Ribald Butler - Friendly Greeter - SECRET
Rezzes for 2 Land Impact.
*Gacha item*

Hanging candle: :Cheeky Pea: Hanging Rope Candle - Rose
*75$L, 100% Donation*
Rezzes for 2 Land Impact.
London Sign: [Black Tulip] London Post
*75$L, 75% Donation*
Rezzes for 3 Land Impact.

Small posters: Serenity Style - gacha commons
*80$L per play, 50% Donation*
Rezzes for 1 Land Impact each.

Tea Set: ISPACHI [DUXBURY] Utensils set
*199$L, 75% Donation*
Rezzes for 3 Land Impact as set
Curtains:  [Fetch] Sylvia Curtain
*Not Free*

Arrows: Frogstar - I Took an Arrow Wall Decor
Rezzes for 1 Land Impact each, includes 3 colors.

Hands statue: [Lost Junction] A Hand in Dreaming - Building Blocks
Rezzes for 1 Land Impact.

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