Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beneath a Velvet Gypsy Moon~Furniture

Here's the furniture post i did for the Beneath a Velvet Gypsy Moon~Fashion post.
This one features the entire gacha from Sway's Fortune Teller set.

This set is gorgeous, and features everything you could want for a fortune teller set up.
With 10 items collect, 2 of those being the rares and the other 8 are commons.
Each play is 50$L, the entire setup is 20 Land Impact, and the tent and the Chair are the rares.
Make sure you play up this machine to get all those fortune teller goodies, have your friends over and tell them their fortunes!
This set is adorable, very well textured and put together. 
Sway really did a great job in making this set mix well together, as I know of some sets that just clash together, and don't work well.
Sway's set is one of the best sets I have seen so far. 
The colors blend well together, and the items are perfect for the set!
This set would look great in an Role play area that needs Seers or Fortune Tellers, this would even work as a gypsy setup!

[Fortune Teller] tent RARE
[Fortune Teller] table
[Fortune Teller] chair RARE
[Fortune Teller] book
[Fortune Teller] stool
[Fortune Teller] candle
[Fortune Teller] crystal ball
[Fortune Teller] card
[Fortune Teller] bunting

Deer: {anc} mannequin. SnowWhite 5Li RARE 
Leaves: Kalopsia - Flying leaves (green)
*Not Free*

Cart: Kalopsia - Cart
*Not Free*

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