Monday, February 2, 2015

Fire, brimstone, and the damned

Sorry I have been a way for a little while, I've had a rough week First Life, and it kind of just wore me out!
I'm back though, and just in time to show you so more new goodies!

First off, let's talk about this gorgeous skin I am wearing.
This is Miss December 2014 in Blush.

She is one of 128 new skins released from cStar.
I know, I know "128 skins?!" " New release? That's last year's skin line!"
Well, you are partially right.
It is true that these skins were set to release in the months leading up to January of 2015, starting with August.
Jasmine, the owner and creator of cStar skins had to take a break for First Life.
She took a little while off, but still worked on her true passion, which is of course Second Life skins.
So, 128 skins seems like a lot, and trust me, it is! 
But here's the thing: 
128 skins also breaks down into 6 months of skins for cStar, 128 skins in total, but 6 months of different makeups, different faces, and even different looks completely.
I say 6 months because you get August through December, with 2 versions of September to grab up!
Each skin is available in the gachas  (these start out at 10$L per play in the beginning and go up 1$L per day) and only 500 copies of each skin will be sold, they are also available in lucky chairs to the groups of the free cStar group, and the VIP group which is paid for (1k $L to be exact).
Each skin includes 4 skin bases with different size cups, and a makeup layer face.
The next thing to talk about is the next round of Romp!
Well, the next round of Romp would be called Fresh, because we are going to have ourselves a full blown event of elegant kinky goodness!
Fresh features all kinds of kinky goodies from kinky designers around the grid, even some you may not have ever thought to do kink.
Starting on the 6th of February, Fresh will run until the 19th and you will have until then to get your kink on.
I have here a couple of those items to show you already!
Cae brought out a collar that is both elegant and sexy, and would pass off as a collar outside of the kink world, if you are so inclined to wear it as such.
The Connected collar is both scripted with Open collar, and unscripted for those who just want to wear a stunning piece of jewelry on your neck.
Figment made a tight, body hugging latex dress for their item, and it's going to give you curves and definition in places you never though of.
Penumbra will be available in several colors and includes not only the body hugging dress, but also some really sexy arm cuffs and collar in matching color.
You get the dress in several Meshy sizes, alpha layer, and collar and cuffs in whatever color you choose.
The back end of this dress really brings out your...ASSets, I'm loving the way my booty looks in this!
Get the look! - 
*Fresh DOES NOT open UNTIL February 6th!*

Skin: cStar - Miss December 2014 - Blush - D Cup

Hair/jewel: TRUTH HAIR Minerva
*Not Free*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Ice Eye

Nail Applier: {Wicked} Peach - Pleasure Nail Appliers
*Not Free*

Dress: *Figment* Penumbra Dress -Black
*Romp, Fresh*

Collar: Cae :: Connected :: Collar
*Romp, Fresh*

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