Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hide and Seek

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is literally just days away from opening it's doors to the public.
After SL deciding that my group invite was super delicious, I was able to get into the blogger group and snap up some of the coveted items available to the bloggers.
You WILL NOT be disappointed this round! 
Not only is there the normal gachas to try your luck at, but there are also limited edition/quantity items from designers, and 2 contests to participate in!

Starting off this post, is the dripping in sexy and danger set from Yasum Designs.
Yasum Designs brings us a couple of different gachas to play, but the one I am showing you today is the Thief Girl gacha.
With 5 commons, 6 rares, and 1 epic to collect, you are sure to make up the sexiest of thief outfits!
The Epic is what I am showing you here.
It includes the body suit, the boots, belt, jacket, and 3 HUDs for color change on EVERY piece of clothing!
Each play will cost you 75$L, per size.

I love the sexiness of this outfit, but also the dangerous and and the multi functionality of it as well.
There are so many options you can do with this outfit, and the color change options are amazing and pretty much limitless!
Don't forget to participate in their New badge design contest.
Design your own badge using the templates provided at their FGC location and send it in, grand prize is 5,000$L!
We are going to move up into the hair of this outfit next.
Damselfly has done it again with their female hair named Mika.
Mika is a gorgeous wavy long chest length style with sexy bangs
Mika is available to win in 9 colors, 7 of those being common color packs, with 2 rare color packs to win! 
Each play is 75$L.

Love this hair, it's so luscious and sexy looking and looks great as a sexy hair, or play things down with it on the dangerous rogue look!
The red is so vibrant, and looks great!
Get the look! - 

Poses: {NanTra} Road Warrior 2
*Coin animation makes pose different*
*Not free, part of pack*

Skin: [PixyStix] ::Hera:: Ambrosia (REG Pink Nip Black Brow)
*Limited Special!*

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
*Not Free*

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Mika Rigged-Mesh
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
75$L per play, 7 commons, 2 rare.

Eyes: Pin Me Down - All about the eyes - Onyx
*Not Free*

Eye Makeup: The Wicked Peach - Eye Makeup - Unseelie 1
Tattoo:  [Demonic] RARE Henna Body Tattoo
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
25$L per play, 7 commons, 1 rare, 1 Ultra Rare.
Includes appliers for most mesh bodies.

Nail Applier: The Wicked Peach- Mani/Pedi - Sparkling Wine - Maitreya
*Coming 2/11, Countdown Room*
Daggers/Mask: Ariskea - Rogue aka COMMONS
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
75$L per play,  4 commons, 1 rare.

Coin: Bro,Brah,Bruh-Gold-Lord-Coin RARE
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
50$L per play,  13 commons, 2 rare.

Wine bottle necklace: Sweet Lies - Hador Wine Bottle - Sweet Lies Original 4 COMMON
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
50$L per play,  6 commons, 1 rare.

Necklace: {Kahli Designs} Bandit Lord - Skull Necklace Silver RARE
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
50$L per play, 18 commons, 5 rares.

Jacket/boots/belt/body: Yasum*MESH*Thief
*Coming 2/11, Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
75$L per play, 5 commons, 6 rares, 1 epic.

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