Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nightie night~Furniture

Here's the layout for the last post here: 
Showing off the cute pieces I picked up at some events, all of them gorgeous!
Get the layout! -

Building: llorisen // lils shotgun cottage
*188$L, Rezzes for 120 LI*
Bed: [*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-vintage midnight)
*Rezzes for 8 LI*

Pillows: [Fetch] Lazy Pillow
*Not Free*
*150$L, Rezzes for 2 LI each, 6 styles included*

Chair: Second Spaces - Social Ladder deco chair - white
*175$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Shelf: Second Spaces - Social Ladder wall display shelf
*200$L, Rezzes for 2 LI*

Dresser: Second Spaces - Social Ladder dresser - pink
*150$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*
Lamp: Grumpy Goat ~ Fairy Lights ~ The Fairy
 *Gacha prize, Rezzes for 5 LI*

Jar: {Bottled toughts} sky opened .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
*200$L for 4 colors, Rezzes for 2 LI each*

Eiffel Tower: floorplan. eiffel tower marquee
*Not Free*
*175$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Big dreamer: :Cheeky Pea: Dreamer Lights - Copper
*150$L, Rezzes for 3 LI*

Curtains: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain - Tied (Pink - R)
*Roses color change!*
 *188$L, Rezzes for 9 LI each at this size*

Love shutter: [Fetch] Love Shutter (white/pink)
*75$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*
Guitar: Seven Emporium - Unstrung Classical Guitar
*88$L, Rezzes for 2 LI*

Heart Curtains: Frogstar - Hearts Garland RARE
*Not Free*
*Gacha prize, Rezzes for 2 LI*

Clothing on floor: Sway's [Neal] Clothes on floor
*Not Free*
*95$L, part of pack, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Book in drawer: Sway's [Neal] Books
*Not Free*
*5$L, part of pack, Rezzes for 1 LI*

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